His Majesty's Mistake

Romance His Majesty's Mistake

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His Majesty's Mistake

Emmeline, the Queen of Brabant, asks her friend Hannah to switch places with her for a few hours. Her objective is to ask her lover, Alejandro, to take responsibility for a certain matter. But when she sees him at a nightclub, he treats her like dirt, and Makin, who is Sheikh of Kadar and also Hannah’s boss, goes over and talks to her. She mustn’t let him find out her true identity! With an aggravated look on his face, he forcefully takes Emmeline away from the nightclub.

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editor's comment - August 15th, 2014

This ending of the story will definitely be a surprise. Heroine, a princess, switch herself to someone who looks similar to her in order to meet her baby's father. However in a chance that boss of “someone" finds her and takes her back to his country. Of course that finally the boss, hero knows the truth after that, and decides to send heroine back to her country. And when they arrived, he pretends to be the father as he knows that heroine doesn't be loved because her mother's scandal. However finally the truth will be unveiled and of course it is a happy ending.

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not a perfect princess but perfect for the hero 3  3

The story was fine but it didn't really get me going. So, the heroine has a major problem with finding out she's pregnant and the baby daddy going the lengths to avoid her. Fortune smiles on her when she finds the perfect body double to cover for her, while she goes to confront the baby daddy. She finds her "lover" with OW on top as they neck and & grind into each other. AS she runs off horrified, she runs into the double's boss, the sheikh and hero. He's shocked too at his secretary for being with a playboy that foolish women follow like the heroine fall over for. The heroine tries to keep up with the charade so the double doesn't lose her job. However, the hero figures out halfway through the book by her alikeness to the secretary but her behavior and work pattern doesn't mismatches with the secretary's usual behavior. During their time together, the heroine learns her "lover" is married with kids but it seems he was just in an accident where he died from injuries later in the book. Even after the heroine's identity is revealed, it does little to douse the fire between them. The heroine sees what a kind and dedicated king the hero is as well as they share a commonality in being lonely. The hero also sees the heroine for more then he and the media portrayed as her. He also finds out the sad truth from the heroine that she was told she was adopted but was told she had to exist but not exist by her parents on her birthday. They didn't even tell that they loved her, only that she not embarrass the family. Imagine how earth shattering it was to a teenager to feel out of place and unloved on her birthday. It's probably the reason why she allowed the playboy into her life because he told her he loved her; words she needed to hear from her family. However, she took like it was and fell into his trap. When the heroine returns home, her fiancée has already canceled the engagement and her parents are finding any fault they can and placing the blame on the heroine. When the heroine confesses her pregnancy, the hero steps in as the father of her baby and his wish to marry the heroine. His announcement manages to calm the storms of rage from the parents. Even after the heroine disbelieves and askes him to stay out of it, he goes further by officially asking the heroine's hand in marriage. His reason is being their marriage would be of convenience and he gets an heir since he decided not to have any children because he a carrier to a hereditary death gene and could pass it onto his children. The heroine comforts him and shares his pain. After their shotgun wedding, the queen reveals she wanted to love the heroine but found it hard since the heroine was looking more like her birth mother with every passing day. When they go on their honeymoon, they have a bit of a scare but it pushes them to confess their feelings for each other. Then the heroine receives new that the double and her are actually twins who were separated at birth. There's a lovely reunion between the heroine and her birth father. And the story ends with the hero and heroine cuddling their new princess.

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Very nice story! 5  5

The story is exciting and quite complex, I've liked it very much! Moreover... I love K. Fujita's drawings! Do not miss it!

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everyone have to read 5  5

The story was grand

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