The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress

Romance The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress

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The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress

Gwenna watches as her father is arrested for embezzlement! He had taken her in, even though she was the daughter of his mistress, so she wanted to help him... So with no other thought in mind, she goes to see the man in charge of the company pressing the charges. The man she confronts is the same man she happened to have met the other day—and she would never admit it, but he had set her heart aflame. This man, Angelo, offers to drop the charges on one startling condition: “You will be my mistress.” She had grown up watching her mother suffer as a mistress. Will she be doomed to the same fate?

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The very definition of a shoujo romance 2  2

If you're looking for something with people a bit more on the mature side, then this Manga is not for you. The setting is the only thing that sets it apart from a high school romance manga into a Harlequin Manga. The art even reminds me of the art done by Mayu Shinjo and the characters and story are of a similar style to her normal type of work too. By that I mean it's the same extreme emotional rollercoasters that are actually embarrassing to read by any onlooker. However, there was, unfortunately, more to it that turned me off to the manga's story. The lead female's father was horrible and pathetic at the same time. Also, she went from a scared little girl with the guy she thought was hot, to the type of girl that thinks she should make a man kneel and kiss her feet while she degrades him... and she has this mental state change at the same speed as someone with multiple personalities switch. However, when he gets hurt she puts her domination personality behind her and becomes a real woman. The funny part is she hates him, yet she feels the need to tell him what he can and cannot do. She talks about breaking it off with him less than a week into their tryst, yet she has an actual trade agreement to keep her father out of jail and it is the sopposed reason she agreed to be his mistress but a week later that agreement to keep her father out of jail no longer matters to her anymore. She says he's breaking the contract when he tries to get closer to her and talks about loving another man but then tells him he has to be faithful to her. Then he gets hurt and all of a sudden a man she hates she all of a sudden decides she actually loves with a passion... ugh. This story was not my type... not even close... I'm 34 and too old for this type of childhood romance gone wrong story. Perhaps the novel gives more of a transition though. As far as the good things: All the characters are drawn well, though I was not a fan of some of the facial expressions because they didn't match a man who's so in love. I think this will be one of those mangas that you either really love or you really dislike depending on if you enjoy watching people make fools of themselves.

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