A Woman to Remember

Romance A Woman to Remember

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A Woman to Remember

Bewitching green eyes and a stunning body dressed to seduce... Photographer Luke St. Clair can't forget the woman who’d boldly picked him up at a party. He’d woken the next morning to find her gone; she didn't even tell him her name. A year and a half later, a stroke of luck leads him to discover her identity: Rachel Manning. She is a model...and married! Determined to uncover her true motive behind their night of passion, Luke decides to book her for a photo shoot…

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It's quite complicated 3  3

I have read my fair share of complicated and twisted stories from Greek's Oedipus Rex, Shakespeare's Hamlet, and ABC's General Hospital. This one was fitted right up there. The hero engages in a one night stand with a mysterious woman he met at a gallery. He wakes up to find her gone and spends a couple of weeks agonizing over what he may have contracted from their encounter. I went back on my memory to discover this is one of the first harlequin comics I read that didn't bring up just pregnancy as a consequence from a one night stand but STD's and anything sexually transmitted disease. We fast forward almost two years later where the hero discovers the heroine in a magazine focused on her wedding that was four years ago. He learns she was married when they were together and her husband just died recently. The hero decides to pursue her again since she is a woman of ill morals that doesn't mind adultery and all that stuff. He changes his appearance and books a shoot with her. They spend some time together with the heroine talking about how men in the past would harass her because she was pretty. Although, I felt the artist could have done better on her hair. I'm not asking for big curls or wavy locks but less volume (puffy) because it looked like a weird scarecrow hair. They have some confrontation and revelations where the hero finds out about the heroine's son and speculates he's the father. The heroine denies it all and and states it's her dead husband's child. The hero still goes to the heroine's house and meets the son and the mother-in-law. He finds out that he is in love with the heroine and wants to marry her. Luckily, he has a wise woman to help him in wooing the heroine: his mother. She tells him to start off with cleaning up the place by himself as a show of commitment. The hero does spectacular work, which impresses the mother-in-law but scares the heroine to extreme. This is because she's afraid that he's different from the men she's encountered in her life. Later, she blows a top when the hero brings a gift for her son and she kicks him out screaming. He goes back to his mother's house and sobs in his room. Then the heroine comes by to apologize and confess to the hero the boy is his son. His mother does some inspect and I wouldn't blame her because I would be hard on the woman who made my son cry even if he was an adult. She still invites the heroine in and gives the hero and heroine alone time. The heroine starts off with admitting the hero is her son's father and her life story. She says how she was rudely treated by men and fell in love with her husband who didn't treat like so. Then when they were trying for a baby, they discovered about the husband's leukemia and low sperm count. The man had some sperm frozen in case and suggest the heroine get artificially inseminated. This process went on for five months and she was experiencing stress from disappointing her husband with the one line, going through all the do's and don'ts, the hospital bills, and more. She met the hero in her desperate time but she only went with him because she wanted him too. They have a confession of love and decide to get married. It wasn't too bad of a story, it just felt really complicated.

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