Contract Baby

Romance Contract Baby

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Contract Baby

Polly replies to an advertisement to become a surrogate mother in order to cover the costs of her mother’s surgery. But her world is rocked when her mother dies soon after Polly becomes pregnant. Devastated and alone, Polly goes to live in a house prepared for her by the biological father. Soon after, she discovers that the biological father, a rich bachelor, chose to go with a surrogate because of his deep lack of trust in women. So why does he continue to try to get close to her, keeping his true identity a secret?

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surrogate to wife 4  4

The story was pretty good, except I got tired with how many times the heroine kept running. I mean, I understood the first time was because of the shock of finding out her "friend/big brother" is the father of her baby and not the nice couple who are trying for a baby. Yet, the second time was little too much with being missing for four weeks right after the baby is born who she takes with her and the hero pulling his hair out over them being missing. I mean she had the backbone and mouth to send the hero's poster fake materialistic wife on her merry way but couldn't hold her ground from running. To summarize, the heroine is a surrogate who got pregnant to get money for a life surgery for her mother but it failed. She almost miscarried but was brought back to health by the hero who she had no idea was baby daddy till a loose lipped servant revealed it. We get the first disappearing act and the hero learns countries have different laws for different things because the heroine was signed in as a surrogate in the U.S.A but she ran back to England where they only recognize her as a single mother and the only way for the hero to get his child and heir is the marry the heroine. This puts a real kink in his morals because he was illegitimate child surrounded by horrible women who treated him poorly. Now, they go through the process, end up married, and the heroine does her second runner. We fast forward four weeks where the heroine decides to tell the hero where she is and he comes but doesn't hold much trust. This is where it gets better because the two start making an effort in making their marriage work and more. The heroine decides to rebuild and renew the building where his mother was kept and the hero defends the heroine's honor against the fake wife's merciless accusations she brings in everyday. They start talking and the hero starts opening up. The heroine and hero are able to give each other the love they had so long been denied and the heroine even helps build a bridge between the hero and his maternal grandfather. The hero also has a big gift for the heroine of restoring a garden and manor house that was sanctuary to the heroine when she was young. It's a very sweet ending with all the previous heroes and heroines coming together in the finale. It was a nice story.

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