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Passion Romance The Purchased Wife

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The Purchased Wife

Mere days before the ceremony, Nell finds out a cruel truth: her marriage is based on a contract. Her husband, a Greek business tycoon ten years her senior, purchased a virgin wife for fifty million dollars. One year later, Nell awakens in a hospital bed after a car crash only to find her husband, Xander Pascalis, there to greet her. After rejecting her on their first night together, the two have always lived apart. However, on this day, Nell sees nothing but anger on his face. "So, has your lover already tasted your forbidden fruit, when I've yet so much as laid eyes on it?"

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editor's comment - April 14th, 2017

A marriage based on a contract yet full of love, hate and jealousy. I like how the they gradually resolve the misunderstandings between them.

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great story. props for the hero 5  5

Can I just say, the mangaka for this is one of best in terms of laying out the story without chopping so much. Solid storyline. The relationship between the couple started off really nice. He nurtured her and made her feel like shes great the way she is. She misunderstands the purpose/aim of his proposal and shots him awful words and lashes out. He throws back at her and insults her point on. OUCh. Months later, accident happens. Secrets revealed and the couple finally gets the truth. I teared up at the part when he changes the rules of their contract to prove how much he loves her.That was beyond anything. Just wow. Though id be happier if he tore it lol. but still man what a gesture. Great sweet ending.

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I love IT !!!! 5  5

I love manga !!!!!!!

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