Romance Playing the Greek's Game

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Playing the Greek's Game

Finally overcoming the hurt she experienced from her previous marriage, Emma is now a successful interior designer. However, she suddenly comes under suspicion from Zack, the older brother of her friend who introduced her to the job. “Did you get that job by sleeping with my little brother?” He knows that Emma's previous husband was a famous musician who died from a drug overdose, and he fears that his brother is her next target. “I won't be fooled... Under that frightened disguise of yours lies a wicked monster!” says Zack in an angry tone as he approaches Emma...

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wow... well this one's not for me 2  2

I agree with JAB on this... this story is just filled with ridiculous assumptions. It has positive attributes. The story flows correctly in manga form and the art is good... it's the content that is the issue. The female and male lead are like what you read in Shoujo high school romance... it's unfortunate. I won't probably be reading this again, but if extra drama and assumptions are your thing... then you probably will enjoy it.

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back and forth 2  2

That is what I felt from the hero in the story. The heroine stood her ground but the hero was going back and forth between acting like a real tyrant to wanting something. I understand why he would be suspicious of her because of her previous marriage but his methods of confrontation was just bad. If I was her, I would feel so humiliated. I didn't like how the heroine just to encourage the idea that the hero's brother was more than a friend ( in reality, they are just friends) to the hero. It as one is sticking out their hand full of fish guts into a shark infested ocean. What I can't believe is that the brother encourages the heroine to accept the hero's offer because to me, there is the what if the hero does something to the heroine that really hurts her? The brother didn't of that, he should know since his brother is always spying on him. I do like how the heroine is being honest to the hero about her past. The hero is going hot and cold with the heroine, I feel like giving him a bop on the head. The sex part is kinda well not fun because he is angry with getting lusty after the heroine and tries to extinguish the flames. The heroine has the usual clique of things in romance novels. I can't believe what the hero said after the sex part: "caught in a trap twice,"? Really?On top of that, he is so arrogant because of his confidence in bed. Then the hero and the heroine start making some progress with being open till the hero claims that he wants her and the heroine returns her feelings. Then the hero goes right back to being a cold and tyrant of a man. All because the heroine says that she has fallen in love with him. I love that the heroine leaves the scene, but not before giving the hero the words he deserves. She pretty much summed up all that he has been doing to her since they met. I love that the heroine pushes the hero to say what he needs to say. There is a confession, I will admit to that.

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