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Romance The Desert Bride of Al Zayed

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The Desert Bride of Al Zayed

After marrying the man she loved, Tariq, Jayne discovered he was actually the Sheikh of Zayed. As such, their married life became complicated and lonely for Jayne. She soon faced accusations that led her to leave Zayed. Five years have gone by and Jayne is able to finally settle matters with her husband...through divorce. But before it's finalized, Tariq asks Jayne to pretend to have reconciled with him in order to give his deeply ill father peace of mind. While acting as a reunited couple, can Jayne truly go through with the divorce? Will she risk being hurt again by the man she loves...a man who couldn’t trust her five years ago?

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Too Late for an Apology 1  1

So let me get this straight. The father falsely accuses her of adultery, just because he had a bad experience in his marriage. With no evidence that she was even having an affair or that the baby wasn't his sons'. He basically ruined his son's and Jayne's marriage and because of him she was forced to give up her baby. Tariq and Jayne will now never get the chance to raise their daughter and miss her life since they live so far away, and their daughter loses her place as the crowned princess. And now he's sorry? Don't get me wrong it sucks he is sick and dying but too little too late the damage is already done. Just saying sorry doesn't undo everything. Also I know it's his dad but Tariq shouldn't have blindly believed him either. He also should've demanded a DNA test before just assuming it wasn't his kid. This story just irritates me and left a bad taste in my mouth.

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