Married by Arrangement

Romance Married by Arrangement

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Married by Arrangement

A Spanish marquis and a British housecleaner may appear to have nothing in common, but when Sophie's sister passes away soon after her husband, she leaves her darling daughter, Lydia, to both Sophie and the uninterested Antonio. He has a business to run and estates to live on; what could he share with this "trailer trash"? Sophie loves Lydia like she's her own, but to what extent? Would she get married to Antonio just so she can stay with her niece? Will their love truly be nothing more than being married by arrangement?

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alright. 3  3

It's reunion through the custody of their niece as well as some major family drama. Now, the hero and heroine are in a way in-laws because the heroine was the bride's half sister from one of her mother's affairs. They met three years from present date at wedding of the hero's brother to the half sister and hit the town. However, the heroine is pulled aside by a young boy of fourteen (apparently he looked older and bigger than his age) of one of her father's girlfriends who has left him. The heroine tries to help him by looking for her but the hero finds them and thinks the heroine is a loose woman. He severs any sort of connection with her till present day where they talk about custody of the niece that's a messy business because the brother was a cheater as well as a stealer since he took all the sister's inheritance to spend on his wily ways then left her in a terrible state. The sister was the kind of woman who would give up the chance of raising her child in order to keep her boyfriend from leaving her. However, the brother died before the sister and it was written in the sister's will after her death that the hero would be named as the niece's guardian, despite that it's been the heroine who has been raising the little girl. It's a real fight between that the hero's unwilling to comprise till he learns from one of hate heroine's friends of her infertility because she doesn't want the heroine to be separate from the little girl who she loves like she was her own. So, to comprise and keep the two together, he suggests the heroine and him get married. The heroine rejects the idea immediately but signs the dotted line on the marriage contract. For quite while, their marriage is a roller coaster with things going well till it goes downhill. We have the downhill of losing the virginity but the biggest one is when the paternity of the niece is not only questioned but proven that she's not the brother's child. Apparently, the cycle of the mother passed onto her elder daughter because the sister was so lonely with the brother being out with gambling and other women that she took many lovers to fill the loneliness in her heart. When the hero learns of the truth, he confronts the heroine because he thinks she knew but she had no knowledge of her sister's infidelity. He evens admits that he knew about the heroine's infertility but questions if it's really true and that really hurts the heroine. The hero realizes his mistake into the night but finds the heroine packing for home. After some fighting and learning from the friend, the hero and heroine confess their feelings for each and decide to mark this as a fresh start. In the end, the heroine was able to get pregnant with twins and they live happy lives now.

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