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Romance Her Stand-In Groom

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Her Stand-In Groom

Welcome to Danbury Department Stores, where you'll find the hottest fashions at low, low prices, and you might even have your choice of suitors! Be careful, as which one you choose will end up running Danbury! Could it be the blond Derek or the raven-haired Stephen that you'd like to ring up as your husband today? With the fate of the company resting on who gets married first, which one would you like to return for your stand-in groom?

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editor's comment - September 5th, 2014

I think this is a story which newly married couple should have read. It tells us that the most important thing in a relationship is to tell everything to the other. Heroine was going to married to hero’s cousin but she found his affair with other women. And hero needed to get married as soon as possible otherwise the department he is president of will be taken by his cousin. And that is why they got married. However they didn’t get very well in the beginning as cousin is always gossiping and both of them didn’t tell what they really want. That even caused a serious misunderstanding. At the end they finally tell the other what they really think and everything got well.

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This one was a great read 5  5

This was a really great manga. I enjoyed it a lot. I tend to have at least some small thing to harp on but in this case there is nothing I didn't like about it. The story, the art and the characters were all great and to top it off even though it's hard to compress a novel into a one volume manga it did it flawlessly and even added hints at parts they choose to exclude from the manga throughout the manga without those hints being too overt or messing with the quality of the story. I will definately be finding the novel for this one if possible and I'll most likely re-read this one when I get the chance.

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