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Romance The Kyriakos Virgin Bride

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The Kyriakos Virgin Bride

Since she was a child, Pandora has been raised in a strict boarding school in the countryside. When she’s courted by a passionate Greek shipping magnate she’s barely just met, she quickly becomes a member of the Kyriakos family. But after a first night that brings her to the pinnacle of joy, she overhears a disconcerting tale: “The Kyriakos heirs must follow family tradition and marry a virgin.” He didn’t love me at all…he only wanted a virgin for his wife! Then Zack finds out the truth: his young twenty-year-old wife made a mistake in her past that turned into a one-night stand…

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What is wrong with not being a virgin? 3  3

Some books can really make a person mad. The book first starts off sweet because there's a wedding, both bride and groom are happy, however it felt like the whole wedding was going too fast for me because the hero and the heroine met 3 months ago and decided to get married. To me, where is that growing bond and the idea that marriage should be taken seriously? Then it gets ruined because the heroine hears the hero and his friend talking about how his bride must be a virgin in order to keep their company well off and that is what he is looking for in his bride. I did like that the heroine confronted the hero as soon as possible privately. When she asks why the hero married him, he says nice things like physical beauty and pureness. That may seem nice but that isn't what marriage is all about. Really? It's about forming a commitment in the eyes of friends, family, and deity that you want to bind yourself to this one person because of who they are as themselves and not what they have as material and physical gain. Then the heroine and the hero have to play happy husband and wife for two hours. After that, the heroine wants to divorce and the hero takes her away to a private island. They start talking about the whole virgin thing being a family tradition that goes back centuries. What I found ridiculously was the fact that when the heroine asks the hero if he would have married her had he found out that she was virgin: answer is no! Wow! The probability of him being a virgin is low but the woman has to be a virgin. I'm sorry, the woman's body is her own right if she decides to give it away or not to someone before marriage. What I can't believe next is that the heroine told the hero that she wasn't a virgin before the wedding night. The hero should have been able to tell these things, I mean come on. I liked how the heroine made those sentences her last doors to the hero. He so deserved because the first thing he thinks is about making a mistake towards his ancestor's tradition, it's only the heroine's hurt face that comes in second place. I like how the heroine is interacting with some of the people considering the shock she has been through but I didn't get why she didn't take the chance of sending her father a distress email to him when she was on the hero's laptop. Then when the hero first talks with her, she acts all meek. She finally gets back her back bone when it comes to the word "Traditions". Then when she asks if he ever slept with a virgin, he says that he wasn't allowed to take another woman's virginity while on his virgin hunt. They slowly start to reconnect till the hero's sister comes with her creep of a husband who is the heroine's first. That can't be good. The first guy is a totally creep. Then the paparazzi find out about the heroine's lost virginity. They all throw a big fit, I mean really, she has only been with one guy and considering the other people that's practically a virgin. It was the heroine's first who told the press but at least the hero's sister left him. I do like the ending of the couple handling the press.

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