The Markonos Bride

Romance The Markonos Bride

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The Markonos Bride

Louisa comes to this beautiful Greek island to visit the grave of her son. On the summer of her seventeenth year, she'd been there as a tourist, where she fell in love with rich and powerful noble Andreas, conceived his child and then married him. But their marriage ended abruptly after only two years with the death of their son. Now, Louisa shakes off the bad memories and steps off the ferry onto the island, only to be shocked: Why is Andreas here, when she was told he would be away? She hasn't spoken to her husband even once in five years, and she finds a maddening mixture of hatred and love for him stirring in her heart.

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Compelling.. beautiful.I love it! 5  5

The art is gorgeous! Ok now thats out ofthe way, the story is quite compelling and has all the elements of HQ that we all love, beautiful people, a rich powerful greek tycoon, misunderstanding and the whole you and me against the world theme. But what I love most about this story is how both of the characters truly did grieve over the lost of their child. It was one ofthose stories where you were happy that they were given another chance at happiness and how the hero showed true emotion other than possessiveness and jealousy.

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So Compelling! (TEARS) 5  5

I thought this was a great story. Instead of a marriage that went sour and the two are looking for new love, it shows that husband and wife still deeply love each other. With the death of their young son and their families tearing them apart "for their own good", we get to see both sides in detail of the moment they met and fell in love, their mourning time during the 5 years they were estrange and the emotions that were felt during many misunderstandings between them. I loved how the husband showed his possessiveness but at the same time gave his wife the space she needed. It was amazing to see him yearning to be with his wife again even after 5 years of not seeing her. Really hate the parents because in a way, they were being selfish... especially the husband's parents. They only family member to show real concern of the couple was her younger brother were listened to both sides of the story after they all met again. Anyway, so happy that I still get to read this anytime I want and one of the many books that stand out out of all the purchases I've made. Really stands out from the rest. XD

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