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Romance Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress

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Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress

The vast Chantry House estate is owned by Atreus Dionides, billionaire Greek shipping tycoon. Lindy Ryman had never seen the tanned master of the estate until one day while taking an impromptu skinny-dip to cool herself off. A brusque encounter turns into a secret fling that continues for a year... But is Lindy ready to be just another inexperienced mistress to the Greek tycoon, or will their passion burn down the barriers shutting off his heart from a real romance?

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Like the Chibi's 3  3

Honestly speaking I never really like the manga this artist does. They all have very similar characters both in the way they look and their personalities. However, the story of this one was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was also surprised to find something I liked about the art this time, I thought the chibi female lead parts were a cute touch. So overall I thought this one was pretty good. It went beyond my original expectations.

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good female character. 5  5

The story has a heroine who seems to have a good head on her shoulders but does come off a bit naive. When the hero and the heroine first meet, the hero does come off as a jerk, but the heroine does handle her self as best she can. I like how the heroine doesn't take the hero's offer of apology in a form of dinner. It's interesting. I liked seeing from the perspective of the hero of he feels around the heroine. The heroine is shown as brave for not only alerting the hero of his mansion burning but running in to save an animal even after having her own trauma related to burning homes. The hero does act like a gentleman and saves her. I found it amusing on how the heroine just leaves the hero in the lurch by not going to bed with him. It was funny to read the hero's reaction of this. Of course, the hero and the heroine go to bed the same night and the hero finds out that she is a virgin. The two start to have a relationship that goes on in the weekends and the heroine seems to think that they're now boyfriend and girlfriend till the a friend of hers warns that the hero is using her as a mistress. The heroine believes that she is a his girlfriend and doesn't believe the tabloids till the hero makes the usual stupid mistake. He goes on about how he doesn't want to have children with her and that when he marries he will be looking for a woman of the same standing as him. That is a huge blow to the heroine's self-esteem. I did like that the heroine asked the hero if she was his mistress, to which the hero answered with a yes. I was also pleased that she got straight out of the bed and began to leave. Then the hero says that he has the highest respect for her because they have been together so long and, yet he calls her his mistress. Really? I mean that is just putting a crack in their relationship. I was glad that the heroine wasn't at all clingy and begging. She ended that relationship right there and left out of the door. That is being smart. It was also good that the heroine is handling her present situation with ease and I would understand her reasoning of not telling the hero because of what he said and the possibility of what he might do. I just want to say to the whole world that condoms are only 98% percent effective and that small 2% can make a big difference. I did like how we were able to see the hero's perspective of him missing the heroine from the little things. The one thing that brings them together was the tabloids. We see a little more of the heroine's strength and the truth that the hero would still care for a child. I like how the heroine rejects the hero's talk of marriage because what she said is true. I also liked the ending of how the hero confesses. It was romantic.

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