The Sheikh's Impatient Virgin

Passion Romance The Sheikh's Impatient Virgin

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The Sheikh's Impatient Virgin

After her mother passes away, Eva finds out that her father was the prince of a foreign country in the Middle East, and she is escorted to that country to meet her grandfather. When her grandfather arranges for Eva to marry Sheikh Karim Al-Nasr of the neighboring country, she doesn't know what to do! Before, all Eva was worried about was working two jobs in order to live on her own and pay for school; now she must find a way to come off as the worst bridal candidate. Despite her efforts, they are married, and Eva must put up with Karim’s cold behavior. Karim’s only concern is his daughter, which makes him keep his distance...but it only makes Eva want to get closer to him. Will he eventually let her into his heart?

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alright, some things didn't like 3  3

It was fine with me for some parts. I mean it was interesting to read how the heroine's grandfather wants to take care of the heroine by setting her up with the hero because young women needed to be taken care of and the heroine was fine with living independently. It was good but the hero was just such a jerk. I let it go for some things like how he found out the girl he fell in love with as a child was pregnant with another man's child and she told him on their wedding night. Then caring for the little girl who he loves to the stars but is suffering from an illness that took the wife away. If he gets drunk to numb the pain then okay. What I didn't find okay him blaming the heroine for "seducing" in his weakened state. Weakened state??? If you were weak then how did you get up from the couch after your sleeping spell from the car crash, head to the heroine's bed and started fondling her???!!!!! Furthermore, why would you go meet the heroine at 1am in the morning??? I don't know much about the Middle East culture but even I find strange for someone who's late by more than six hours for a marriage meeting. Then there was the heroine who didn't call a doctor at all when the hero came in stumbling hurt from a car crash. She should have gotten a maid or somebody to help him. Instead, she looks at him fondly and then climbs into bed, not considering that when she felt someone else touching her and more, she didn't wake up and say stop!!! The next morning is horrible because not only does the hero accuse her but they are seen in the same bedroom by the heroine's grandfather. So, the hero pulls off the lie that the heroine and him are getting married. The heroine rushes back home but home is where the paparazzi rats lie in wait for the heroine and they swarm her till the hero pulls her into his limo. They have the city hall wedding but the hero puts all the conditions for the heroine to follow like how they will be married in name only but he expects her to have his kids. One of the few good things the heroine did was not listen to most of the hero's orders. Yes, they were orders because she shows to be a great girl with finding fun gifts for the daughter and making him confront the daughter's biological father to be a donor that would save the little girl's life. Later on, the heroine confesses that she was a virgin that night and the male friend she brought along with her was really her mother's lover and they have only been friends. The hero doesn't believe and says the only way to be sure is to have sex again. Then a fight breaks out where the hero states that he can't forget about his first wife. This prompts the heroine to run away but she gets caught in a sandstorm. The hero luckily rushes in to save her and they head to shelter. The heroine says that she couldn't stay with the hero when he doesn't love and he says don't say such foolish things. Well shoot, she hasn't been getting the vibes of love from you, so what is she supposed to be feeling??? Now, they spend time and have sexual intercourse. At the end, the little girl survives and they plan a wedding but only after the heroine gives birth to the three boys she's carrying. A nice ending page but I wasn't too fond of the hero because of how he was with the heroine.

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Really amusing twists 5  5

It's not every day you go to an arranged meeting with your unknown fiance and lose your virginity while sleeping. But from then on, the heroine's character is likeable that I understand how her presence grew in his heart. Not a 'wow' story, but a slow and sweet one.

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4  4

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