Seasonal Romance The Italian Billionaire's Secretary Mistress

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The Italian Billionaire's Secretary Mistress

Secretary Angie has secretly been in love with her boss, Riccardo, for years. But Riccardo is rich and incredibly handsome. There is no way a man who dates beautiful woman after beautiful woman would ever notice plain old Angie. Just as Angie resolves to move on from her painful one-sided love, Riccardo suddenly gives her a red dress to wear to the office Christmas party. Though hesitant, Angie appears at the party all dolled up, only for Riccardo to give her a fiery look and shoot icy, accusing words: "What are you trying to do?"

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shes so cheap! 2  2

I agree with JAB, this guy is soo arrogant. I cant get over the whole," did you expect to not do work? the sex is just a bonus". - CHAUVINISTIC JERK OF THE YEAR. The lead girl is so pathetic its almost irritating to the nerve. Oh he bought me a dress...i feel so pretty.. sleeps with him. He tells her its a one night stand..shes ok with it..he insults her then acusses her of being a cheap whore then she lets him take her on top of their office table.. cheap. he tells her to be his mistress, she agrees. Girl has no self respect at all. tHe douche thinks he can use anyone and get whatever he wants..come to think of it, in the end he still managed to get what he wants. I find girls like Angie the worst kind. And not to be a feminist but goodness gracious this girl has no self respect and is an embarrassment to womanhood. SHe becomes a total cheap harlot just because some jerk boss shes crushing on bought her a skanky red dress which turns out was a left over gift for another girl. Good job girl, gave in for a regifted piece of fabric.

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arrogant pinheads 2  2

This book had one of the highest cases human male cockiness and stupidity. We have a hero whose secretary has a huge crush on him and as usual, keeps it a secret. Then one day, she receives a "bonus" from her boss; a beautiful red dress, which the heroine thought was a personal gift from her "beloved" boss ( the gift was actually meant for a woman, an actress that the hero was currently dating). It only takes a bit of help from a co-worker and a bit of makeup for the heroine to look like Aphrodite. From this magical appearance, the hero throws a civilized negative comment. Now, let us remember that the hero earlier had commented negatively about how she dresses (modestly) and when she is wearing the sexy dress, he acts like a porcupine. Next, we have a lovely, conversation on what marriage is based on. Now, the hero states that marriage shouldn't be based on happiness whose source comes from physical attraction. Wow, his perception of marriage and love is screwed up. He is mixing up love and lust and then comes up with a list in order to make the marriage work: the woman has to be younger than the man and a virgin. I understand that everyone is going to have their lists but when you see how the hero forces his idea of lists and marriage to his own sister, he loses major brownie points and a curse for all skillets to fall on his head. And the heroine is disagreeing with him but when he drops her off at her apartment, she invites him in for coffee. After that, coffee+late night = sex. This sex freaks out the hero and turns to stone at the heroine. To get over the hero, she cuts her hair in a cute way and when the hero sees her with her new haircut, new style; he starts acting like a total jerk. Example: when she asks if he wants a cup of coffee, he rejects but not more than 15 seconds later, he wants a coffee and she reminds that he didn't want any and he erupts. It pisses me off. Then when he hears that the heroine sent out her resume, he jumps to the helium conclusion that she has been bragging about their one night. I literally saw his head shrink to a pin all because he bases his opinion on a hardworking woman who has worked alongside him for 5 years. Then suddenly with all this insulting, the hero gets hot and heavy and the heroine allows him in. I mean come on, woman! This man was insulting you and you let him in!!! That is just weak. Next, the heroine wants to quit but the hero doesn't want her too but wants her to come to Toscana for his sister's engagement not just as his secretary but also has his mistress. Wow, this just gets better and better. When we get there, the hero's older and rich brother acts like a snobby poodle to the heroine because he's sees the whole mistress thing. And guess what?! The same thing that happened back at the office with the hero being a hot potato happens again! Now, we learn two pieces of information about the family: 1) the sister is marrying a man who is at least 20 years older than her and be "grateful" that she is marrying a marquis and 2) the mother reveals to the heroine that the father instilled tradition into the two pinheads of the family even though he and is wife married for love. Apparently, nobody told the two pinheads otherwise, they would have a different perspective of the whole marriage situation. The sister pulls the heroine over for advice, which the heroine answers, "talk to your fiancee". The next morning, the sister has run off and both men blame the heroine. I think that this was one of the few times that the heroine took a stand against the hero and actually resisted one of his sexy moves. After all that, she decides to resign and these are the thoughts of the hero,"she's so stubborn," That is the pot calling the kettle black!!! This is the only time I see the hero caring for the heroine's well being when she is sick. Then suddenly, he makes a 180 degree flip from his previous personality. Next, the hero leaves and the heroine finds out about the truth from the dress and leaves. The hero goes after her and they act out a sweet scene but I was tired of the 75% percent of arrogant pinheads. Not my book.

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