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Pure Romance The Miracle Wife

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The Miracle Wife

In an age of dragons and fairies, you could make a wish to the fire-breathers by sacrificing your most cherished possessions. In an age of digital assistants, you might just find J.J. as your own personal Secret Santa. J.J. is sent by her company's AI computer, Gem, to make River Sierra's wish come true before she realizes what it is—become River's fairy mother and marry her father, widower Raven Sierra. Will the pair have to crush River's dreams of a world with make-believe, or will the two discover that magic can still work its way through their lives?

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editor's comment - September 19th, 2014

Do you ever believe that fairy really exist? In this story, hero's daughter believes that a fairy in the fairy tale exist and in a chance, heroine comes to her. And what surprised is that heroine looks just the same as the fairy in the book. However hero always tells his daughter that there is no fairy in the world and asks heroine to leave. But as hero is a celebrity, heroine can't leave because of all the paparazzi. And they decide to have a vacation for a week. In this week, hero's daughter tries hard to make heroine to stay. What will make heroine stay with them? The story is about family and fairy tale and, a little bit weird but interesting, an artificial computer.

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Quite nice storyline 3  3

Well, im not a fan of fairies or fantasy like stories, but this one has nice storyline and its doesnt really fantasy story. I like how they do not fall in love at first sight like most story. They started to fall for each other after getting to know their good qualities. Then the moments they spend creates great opportunities for romance to bloom. And i love both main characters’ personalities. How theyre making joke amd comfortable with each other presence. Unlike some story where its always tense, angry or feeling worry all the time.

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That was so weird 1  1

For the paparazzi to play the major role in this plot is such a disappointment

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