The Greek Children's Doctor

Pure Romance The Greek Children's Doctor

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The Greek Children's Doctor

Libby Westerling deeply cares about children, so when the children’s ward needs to raise money she volunteers herself in an auction. Just as she thinks she's about to be bought by a despicable man, she is saved by a prince charming, Dr. Andreas Christakos. Even so, she isn't interested in falling in love due to her distrust of men. But that doesn’t stop Andreas. He is confident that Libby will soon realize her feelings for him. Much to Libby’s dismay, they even have to work together, so avoiding Andreas’s advances will be even harder for her. Will Andreas be able to break through the wall around Libby’s heart?

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3.5 chasing after her. 4  4

The heroine is in a tight spot when an ex bid on her at a cheap price a hospital charity auction. Luckily, for the heroine, the hero 100x more and wins. The heroine walks out with the hero and gives him a short version of the history between her and the ex whom she calls a rat (she was dating the man but he not only had a wife and child but another woman on the side). In fact, all bad men are rats to the heroine, even the new guy coming in but she hasn't met him yet. The heroine is worn out and drunk that she falls asleep in the hero's car and he takes back to his place to sleep in a separate bed. The next morning, they leave on a bit of awkward exchanges but not as awkward as the heroine finding out that the hero is the new guy. The hero reveals that he still wants the date with the heroine because he sees her as a devilish temptress and a saint among the kids she cares for. The heroine also sees that he can back up his title with his skills. Later on, the heroine sees his niece from this morning and offers to take her out when the hero is pulled away. She helps the twelve year old girl deal with the issues of trying to be pretty and trendy without looking silly. The heroine and hero spend more and more time together and when the heroine finds herself lowering her guard every time she is with the hero. Unfortunately, one night has them go all the way but the heroine panics and runs off, leaving the hero wondering what went wrong. They have a bad morning fight that ends with the theory of the heroine being pregnant. Later on, the hero takes the heroine on a vacation (The woman has been working herself to the bone.) in Greece. A vacation in Greece is a dream for me. So, during their vacation, the heroine reveals that her aversion to men stems from her father having so many affairs. Now, the heroine finds out she's pregnant and it leaves her heartbroken because she wanted that connection with the hero but she finds a note to the hero from another woman about marrying him. Instead of giving the hero a chance, she packs up and starts to leave. The hero catches her and asks her to believe in him but she refuses. However, it's the hero scolds the heroine for never believing in him, despite all his gestures and words of love to her. So, he ends the vacation right there and leaves the heroine feeling the reality of losing him forever. Unable to live like that, she shouts out at the hero that she does love him. He explains that the OW wanted to marry him for his status but his mother was able to reveal that she wasn't the mothering kind when the hero wanted a family. They confess their love for each other again and end on a happy note.

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5  5

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