The Prince's Love-Child

Passion Romance The Prince's Love-Child

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The Prince's Love-Child

When flight attendant Lucy met the Mardivinian prince Guido on a flight, they became casual lovers. After a year, Guido invites her to his nephew's baptism in his home kingdom. Because of their differences in station, Lucy has been forcing herself to keep the relationship as shallow as possible, so as not to burden the prince, and his invitation surprises her. Does he actually love her? But when they arrive in Mardivino, Lucy learns his true motives!

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a marriage for a baby turned to love 4  4

Then hero and heroine have an adult relationship that goes when he is on her plane, they land and go off to play in hotel rooms. It's an relationship that where they don't go deep into each other's pasts till the hero invites the heroine to come to a family event. Naturally, his older brother is ticked at the hero for bringing his mistress to such an important family event but he's impressed with the heroine's honesty and knowing that their relationship isn't going anywhere. Everything goes fine till the heroine hears the hero and the older brother talking after the family event that the hero was only using her as a shield. This hurts her and when the hero finds her, she tells him that she overheard their conversation. She also ends their relationship but it doesn't be completely end when she sees the positive mark on the pregnancy test. I did like the heroine telling the hero because he did have the right to know but he won't have his child born out of wedlock with him not involved. So, he puts his cards down on the table with the heroine marrying him and the heroine's lawyer says there's no way she will win. So, she agrees to the marriage and they have a few bumps with next couple of months. It's very awkward between them because the heroine is in a different environment with her knowing all the hero's friends and her not having any of her own. There's the dark cloud of hanging over the hero that has to do with his mother's death after the brith of his younger brother. The heroine realizes that the hero does care about her and she has made a positive impact. So, she decides to do her best in making the marriage work as does the hero. They come to an agreement but they hit a snags after their princess is born. It was very interesting to me of watching them work through with parenting and more. The heroine learns from the hero's father that he sent the hero to the U.S.A with his aunt after his wife's death that brought him a lot of grief. It's an act that the father has regretted to this day because he lost his child. The heroine also sees that the hero is scared of the heroine dying like his mother because of how tired she looks from taking care of the baby. I loved the scene where the hero is lullabying his little girl; a lullaby his father sang to him. The hero and heroine have a heart to heart talk with them that I found to be very sweet. It's a very sweet ending.

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