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Passion Romance The Arabian Love-Child

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The Arabian Love-Child

Sheikh Rafiq Al-Qadim, the deputy president of the Rahman International Bank, slams a newspaper against his desk in his London office on the top floor of the bank. On the front page is a gossip article that states his friend-with-benefits is to marry another man. Women are treacherous creatures! Ever since his beloved mistress betrayed him eight years ago, he gave up on women. All he gets from believing them is suffering. Just then, the door opens. Melanie, who he hasn’t seen since they broke up eight years ago, stands in the doorway. Why is she here? Has she come to deceive me again?

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he believe the lie 3  3

The hero and heroine were once lovers but various factors played into their breakup, mainly from the hero: 1) his mother left him as a child and to hands of a society who looked down on him, so trust issues with women was a big thing. 2) she saw the heroine hugging her male cousin close, and 3) when he saw this, the cousin's father, the heroine's uncle was right there whispering lies about the heroine using to get his status and money. So, he kicks her out of home but she has remained in his heart and mind for eight years. Now, the heroine comes to him for help on an inheritance she just had inherited for her son. The hero thinks she married a man old enough to be her grandfather and had a son with him. So, he kicks her out again and until she gets home, she forgets the documents that hold information about the son that relate to him. He goes to investigate at the heroine's house and it's a slow bubble of heat ready to burst because the heroine had the boy without telling him. She had the boy take the old man's last name, and the boy knows that the hero is his father, that was a real burn to the hero. The hero demands why she didn't tell him and she replies that she tried when he kicked her out but as she quoted what he said, "I don't believe you" and what not. The two are only able to find common ground when the little boy wakes up. He doesn't see the hero but the hero makes plans of marrying the heroine without even telling her. Then it's the fight about, "No, I"m not marrying and yes you are." Then she agrees after learning about the hero wishes to not have his son be in second place or be treated horribly by the new family members. It's a very adorable with the introduction between the hero and his son. The hero also learns that the old man was in fact, the heroine's uncle. When the heroine's parents died, the uncle didn't want to be burdened with a kid, so she was sent to the cousin's house where the greedy relatives knew about the heroine being the heir to his fortune and tried to make her marry their son, so they could get their hands on it. When she didn't go along with it, they made her miserable that she secretly got work at different manors in order to afford to leave, that is how she met the hero. The conversation on what happened the night he went to get the heroine and caught her with the cousin still goes on, even on their honeymoon night. Finally, the heroine tells the hero straight of what the money is for: it's for the male cousin who regretted going along with his parents' plan and destroyed her happiness. He became a dairy farmer and a family man then disease killed all his cows and he decided to become an organic crop farmer but it takes a lot of money to get started on growing organic crops. When the hero asks again what happened, she says that she explained it already but says it but this time with a new word: he was set up. The uncle and aunt found out about the heroine's relationship with the hero made plans to break them apart. The hero realizes the mistake he's made and asks her what should he do. The heroine tells him to just love her and she swears to love her. It's a nice ending.

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