One Night…Nine-Month Scandal

Romance One Night…Nine-Month Scandal

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One Night…Nine-Month Scandal

Donned in a gorgeous wedding dress, Kelly awaited Alekos in the brilliant church. However, no matter how long she waited, her charming Greek groom did not show up to walk down the aisle. Just minutes before the ceremony, Kelly had been cruelly abandoned at the altar. Four years after that tearful day, Kelly finally finds the resolve to forget Alekos and move on. On a whim, she decides to sell the diamond engagement ring he gave her through an internet auction. But Kelly has no idea of what's to come. Her ring sells for a grand total of four million dollars. And the one who shows up to claim the ring…is Alekos himself.

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jilted 3  3

The hero and heroine were in a relationship that lead to an engagement then on the day of their wedding, the hero jilts the bride with the note that it would be better for the both of them to not get married. The two don't have any contact with each other till the hero's legal advisor man runs into the hero's office in a mess, telling the hero to look up on ebay for big white diamond. It turns out that after four years, the heroine is auctioning off the engagement ring that the hero gave her. However, the heroine didn't know that the ring is a family heirloom worth millions and the hero pays four million in order to secure his bid. Now, all he has to do is send the money but he wants to go pick it up personally. To me, it's a stupid idea and the advisor shares his thoughts, reminding him that he was the one who jilted the heroine in the first place. He still doesn't listen and goes to finds with surprise that the heroine is a school teacher, living in a hobbit sized house. The heroine has auctioned off the ring as a way of moving on but makes no plan to stop teaching, despite her friend's objections since she got four million pounds put in her bank account. The heroine has a cold attitude to the hero when they first meet, but it doesn't last because she finds out that he's the buyer, has a panic attack, is given a kiss(claims CPR) by the hero, and taken to her place by the hero because he doesn't want the male nurse groping or performing CPR on her. Yet, some how the heroine lets herself get seduced to have one more hot time with the hero even though she learned he didn't marry was because their worlds were too different and the OW was a better choice. It's right after that activity, he goes off without a word but it's not the last time the heroine sees the hero. Three weeks later, the sign is positive and the hero has a private jet ready for her but he has no idea that he's going to be a father and the heroine thinks that he's going to be happy and is thinking in her head of what items to move out of the room that pose as a danger to the baby. The hero sits her down, tells her that he broke up with the OW and the real reason why he didn't marry was because he saw an article where the heroine said she wanted kids but he doesn't want any kids at all. Now, the heroine freaks out and she has a fainting spell but doesn't want to see the hero. This is according to the doctor who gives the hero a piece of his mind because he was the man who held the heroine's hand as she pretended to faint and escape from the assault of the paparazzi on the day of their wedding. The hero sees the severity of his jilting situation and tries to talk to the heroine who at first refuses to speak but then lets a spew of words burst out and lets it slip of her pregnancy. The hero runs off in shock but runs back to convince the heroine to stay at his place for a while before he can tell the heroine why he doesn't want kids in the first place. The heroine resists but complies with his wish. After a while, the heroine learns of the hero's sad past from the same doctor when the hero is out. Apparently, his parents got a divorce and forced him to decide which parent he would go with. The hero went with his mother because he couldn't stand to make her cry and he got abandoned by his father. However, the mother neglected him and focused her attention on her new family, leaving the hero to be raised by his beloved grandmother. Sadly, the grandmother died before he became an adult and being abandoned by both parents make him hesitant that he'll be a good day. Later in the week, the hero takes the heroine to Venice then a Gala where a couple of things go wrong: 1) the hero claims to the guests that he's not a father yet and 2) the heroine is wearing a dressed designed by the OW. She throws a fit and leaves the party in a huff without listening to a word that the hero has to say. The next morning, she tries to call the friend but gets no response, only to find that the friend is there for.....wait for it.......her wedding. The hero comes in from behind, saying that he was going to propose the heroine in Venice but that didn't go so well and explains that he claimed to not be a father yet because for him, a father is a person who puts effort in properly raising and loving a child, not biologically making one and dress was just a mistake on his part. The hero opens up his feelings and proposes to the heroine who says yes and we have the ending scene with a wedding.

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Quite a Different Romance 5  5

In most ways this is a standard plot line, H jilts h at the altar and then a twist of fate (h tries to sell the ring) they meet again. Misunderstandings, understandings, love and a whole bunch of humour later there is a conclusion. The H was loveable, confused by his emotions (as is with these plots), while at the same time you felt the pain of the h. However, the h made everything amusing, she was like the light hearted moment to every panel. This was a fun, amazingly different love story that I wouldn't mind reading again and again to pick my spirits up!

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