Their Christmas Wish Come True

Seasonal Romance Their Christmas Wish Come True

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Their Christmas Wish Come True

Thirty-nine days until Christmas... A man knocks on the door of the Secret Santa Association, where Kirsten works. Looking somewhat sad, with eyes filled with pain, he says he’s there to help. But judging from his looks, he doesn’t seem the type to volunteer. She sends him away, saying, “All we need is fifty children’s jackets. There’s nothing else you could do right now.” And he returns with the jackets shortly after. Who is he? Did God send me a handsome and compassionate man?

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Holidays help you heal 3.5 4  4

I understand Casandra's review and agree with it for the most part. The hero suffered a major loss of losing his entire family in an awful storm and can't find a purpose in life. He's encouraged by his friend to volunteer for Secret Santas. It's there that he meets the heroine and I loved reading how he interacts with not just her but with other people who volunteer their time for make the wishes of these kids come true. I loved how the hero did his best in making some the impossible wishes that the heroine had categorized as come true. For example, a little girl wanted to go to Disneyland but the santas couldn't do that, so the hero made the little girl a Disneyland castle drawer with a princess outfit. My heart warmed up at his gesture. I do agree with Casandra that the hero was being shallow on nobody knows my pain or what I'm going through; however, I don't think the other person in pain with the hero was heroine but persons like the volunteers who have lost someone or were traumatized by an event. I also believe it was more focused on the kids they were helping like the child who wanted his brother's head back because it was shot or the child who wanted to visit heaven to see their mom. It's there to remind the people that with different losses of losing something or someone, pain is pain. I really did like the ending and how the hero made the heroine's dream come true. I really liked it.

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I wanted to like it But... 2  2

I wanted to like this manga but I really couldn't. I enjoy Christmas and the idea of 2 people volunteering for a organization that gets children presents on christmas and falling in love while working together is cute. I also really enjoyed the part where the male main character came up with ideas to make "impossible dreams" a reality. That is what brought the story up from 1 star to 2 stars for me. However, the "Nobody's suffered more than me." shallowness is irritating. He is told to find someone who has suffered more than him and help them in order to find a reason to continue living (super depression is not fun for me to read). So he finds the lead female and helps her. However, I fail to realize how Being dumped once in college and deciding to keep the village's children's unfulfilled wishes and your own impossible dreams close to you so you can wallow in your depression is greater suffering than someone who was with their whole family when they all died from drowning during a storm. That's just complete ridiculousness. Still, it did have a cute ending with them dressing up as elves. So all in all if they changed out the characters personalities but kept the ending it would have been much better. The art is good though.

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