Bedded and Wedded for Revenge

Romance Bedded and Wedded for Revenge

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Bedded and Wedded for Revenge

Gemma has just lost her father, a famous hotel owner. According to his will, her entire inheritance will go to her stepmother unless Gemma is married by her next birthday. Gemma tries to save her inheritance by paying an ex-lover to marry her as a formality, but right before her birthday, he pulls out, and Gemma is left with nowhere to turn for help. Enter Andreas, a bellboy who worked for her father ten years ago—and is now a hotel tycoon himself! He offers salvation for Gemma, the woman who once looked down on him...but his help comes with an outrageous condition.

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not the hero's revenge 3  3

I was a bit perplexed when I reading the book of how the arrangement between the hero and heroine could be seen as revenge when he's actually been a decent person. I mean in the beginning, he does offer the heroine a marriage in order for her to get her inheritance in order to secretly pay for a baby's surgery. The heroine agrees to the marriage and even the condition of bearing the hero's child. After that, he's been patient and kind. For example, he sits by the heroine's side when she's sick and booking a small church for the wedding, so the press won't find out, which is something the heroine desired. I liked the interesting conversations between not only the hero and heroine but the heroine and the housekeeper. You would think that the housekeeper and heroine would hit if off but because the housekeeper knew the heroine from her past, she gets sassy, which is returned by the heroine. I found it to be quite enjoyable. We learn that the heroine was found unconsciously drunk with a man when she was in her late teens on her birthday and that it wasn't the heroine driving the car when the horrible accident happen but the heroine's friend who was trying to dodge an animal. He tells the heroine this as well as his conversation with her stepmother who is trying to oust her from her inheritance. The hero and heroine go to confront the woman and learn the whole truth. The man in the hotel room & turning the father against the heroine was her revenge for the father making her take birth control & not allowing them to have a child because he claimed his hands were full with caring for the heroine at the time. The hero and heroine leave to go on with their lives together.

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