No Escaping Love

Romance No Escaping Love

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No Escaping Love

Working conditions don’t get any better than this job. It’s high paying and includes a furnished apartment…and not just any apartment, but a penthouse above the office building. “The kitchen is really the only communal area, so we probably won’t run into each other very often.” What? So that means… Thus begins the businesslike roommate arrangement of the boss and his secretary. But a single phone call changes their lives…and their location. “My daughter has been expelled from boarding school. I’m going to take her home and you have to come live with me.” And so, the two of them face what is waiting for them in Oxfordshire…

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3.5 nice story 4  4

The story wasn't too bad, with the heroine being the fairy-godmother to the hero and his daughter. It first starts out with the heroine applying for a job that requires the individual to speak Portuguese. She's the only one who dresses for business interviews and gives the hero a bit of sense that if he wanted to get someone who actually spoke Portuguese and not one of the obvious gold diggers then he should have put the job ad in Portuguese. The interview ends with the heroine being hired and develops a decent working relationship with her boss. However, there are issues with the hero jumps the gun (something he's going to do a lot) when he catches the heroine in her robe in the kitchen. He suspects she's finally trying to pounce him but she was just getting a snack. She doesn't get fired thankfully. Then the hero pulls the heroine away from work when his daughter gets expelled from her boarding school. Bringing her along makes her the go-between with the hero and his daughter. She relates to the hero the hard life of boarding school when a child feels unloved by her parents like the heroine was. She treats the daughter nicely with sincerity, something the daughter isn't use to because of the other women in her dad's life. The hero is able to open up to the heroine about his life after his wife's death with the heroine opening up about how her parents neglected her when she was nine and shipped off to a boarding school. There are some hiccups with the hero jumping the gun again and the heroine scolds him that his lack of trust towards other influences his daughter not to trust others as well. She helps build the father-daughter relationship with a solution as well as building a close relationship with the daughter. Then she meets one of the OW of the hero who warns the heroine to stay away from the hero with the usual reasons. The heroine already finds herself in love with the hero and is at a loss of what to do. Then the heroine meets the "uncle" who has a great relationship with the daughter but a ultra tense one with the hero. Example, the hero finds the "Uncle" and the heroine dancing and grabs the uncle by the collar roughly. Harsh accusations are exchanged and the Uncle leaves. This puts the hero and heroine in a rough spot till passion overfills and they go at it. They separate for a while but the heroine accidently runs into the uncle and paparazzi takes their picture. The hero overreacts, jumps the gun, and all that by immediately firing the heroine. She finds another job and the uncle comes to see her. He apologizes for the mess the photo caused but seems there's something he's holding back. He leaves and the hero comes by later on. He opens up to the heroine about everything. He married his wife because she got pregnant but they were incompatible out of bed. He was also starting up a new business, meaning money was tight. So, she went to have an affair with the Uncle/his best friend who had the money, charm, and looks. The car crash was her leaving the hero and their baby to be with the Uncle. It was only today that the Uncle came to him to mend bridges and move on. The hero actually agreed and it pushed him to see the heroine. He confesses that he's in love with the heroine but was always scared of what would happen considering his past with his wife. He asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes and gives him the news. We skip a couple of years later with the hero and heroine watching the daughter and toddler son playing in the snow. It was a very nice ending.

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