Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge

Romance Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge

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Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge

Now that her father's jewelry business is on the verge of bankruptcy, Tahlia resorts to frequenting socialite parties as a means to finding celebrity customers. There she meets Thanos Savakis, an overwhelmingly handsome young Greek hotel tycoon. But as it turns out, he's the man responsible for her father's desperation! Tahlia is the object of his revenge—but he offers to save her family's business if she becomes his mistress, half forcing her into making the deal with him. Thus begins their days of sadistic pleasure in a luxury hotel. But what’s the truth behind Thanos's revenge, and what does he actually feel for her?

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how easy to take off a wedding ring 3  3

The heroine was in an affair, even though she didn't know it because her boyfriend at the time wasn't wearing a ring on his finger. So, she thought he was single till the night she was ready to give herself and his wife walked in on them. Wow, now, she's given the image of a cheater and is the target of the sister's big and angry brother for being the home wrecker. She's also at his mercy because he's the only person who will lend her support to save her family's company from bankruptcy. Yet, she doesn't know, that hero's support is just a lie and he is taking his revenge on her by seducing her with lust and promises of saving her family's company till he pulls the carpet right out from under her feet. He has past with cheating husbands (father) who left his family to be with the home wrecker. Plus, there was the woman he loved with all his heart but she left him for his rich friend. So, the possibility of the current ex-husband pulling his wedding ring off his finger and put it in his pocket never comes to mind. So, she plays to the tune of his fiddle, saying words like I only want money, which only strengthens the hero's image of the heroine being a materialistic harpy. Well, who can blame her when she has signed a mistress contract to get money for her family. Only she finds herself falling in love with the jerk of a man who has the same OW chasing after him since she became single from the same friend because his company went bankrupt. Then she gets the sad call that the hero's company was never buying and when she calls the heroine, the OW calls and pulls out a boat load of lies. The heroine confronts the hero who admits he was never going to keep his promise. Afterwards, it's a full blown out fight where the hero learns three things: the heroine was a virgin that night, she was a victim of the ex-husband's lies, and she loved him. She leaves him but finds him a month later, outside her apartment in the English rain. The hero confesses his anger of seeing his only family member in pain drove him to seek her out in revenge but he lost his good judgement in the process to view the heroine as a paparazzi lover rather than the good woman she is. He also admits that even when the OW was splayed out on the bed, he was repulsed by her gesture and ran out to a bar. He asks the heroine to marry her but she hesitates till she gets a call from the mom that the hero's company bought their and they can pay off their debts. The heroine accepts and they get to the wedding where the hero's sister is quite the ball of fire in a good way. She doesn't blame the heroine because they were both tricked by the same man and is engaged to her physical therapist. It's okay, but not really my type of romance.

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