Greek Doctor, Cinderella Bride

Romance Greek Doctor, Cinderella Bride

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Greek Doctor, Cinderella Bride

Isobella was a popular model in her teens, but during a tragic photo shoot, she sustained a wound that would leave a scar forever. A few years have past, and Isobella now works at a lab in Brisbane. She wears an oversize white coat and an awkward-looking pair of glasses while keeping to herself. One day, she meets the Greek owner, Alexander Zaphirides. And she ends up having to go to an island paradise with him...

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editor's comment - October 31st, 2014

What will you do if you had an accident and left a scar on your body? The heroine was a model with beautiful face and smooth skin. However in an accident she was stung by a jellyfish and left a scar on her belly. After that she quit the modeling job and became a nurse and wore a white coat to hide her scar. But in the symposium she met hero, who had a throat cancer and left a scar on his throat after surgery. However he didn't try to hide it, on the opposite, he thought that the scar is a proud to him. Heroine was stunned by what he thought. In a coincidence, heroine showed her scar to hero, and hero now knew that she is the one who had serious injury. Will heroine confess all the things to hero?

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scars reveal 4  4

The story has two individuals with their scars to remind them of their past lives, (the heroine was a model with a handsome photographer for a fiancée & the hero was an amazing surgeon with a beautiful fiancée at his hip). The ten years passed for the heroine since she got her scar from a jellyfish that nearly killed (made her heart stop three times in the ICU, being rejected by her fiancée who focus was her looks & not her herself) and reduced herself to having no relationship outside of her little circle and becoming a workaholic, dedicated to helping victims from jellyfish related incidents. Seven years past since hero lost his fiancée when he got lung cancer because she couldn't stand the idea of him being sick. While, it humbled him & made him cherish the more important things in life, he has kept himself from having a deep relationship with another woman. That is, until he meets the heroine that he starts to change. I liked watching the hero chase after the heroine and how the two of them slowly reveal small things about each other from their past. It was interesting to watch them work together and struggle with their feelings towards each other. Finally, the heroine's greatest secret ( the scar from the jellyfish) is revealed when she dives into the water to save a little boy, because water + white shirt= transparent clothing for all to see the scar. The hero sees the scars and learns of the heroine's past. They fight over how the other resists moving forward in their lives and then separate. The hero meets his ex-fiancée and sees what kind of woman she is and how amazing the heroine herself is. It's in that moment he makes a decision to push the heroine to be confident in herself and walk by her side. Back to the heroine, she has run off to her bedroom to start packing and gets ready to leave, even though the hero told her to come to the party until she sees the dress ( beautiful dress given by her sister). It's in that moment now, she makes a decision to take a chance in her appearance, and make a stand. The hero sees the heroine in the beautiful dress and is speechless. The heroine takes it the wrong way and tries to run but the hero wraps his arms around her and they have an open heart confession to one another. It's very romantic and I did like the ending very much.

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