The Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child

Romance The Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child

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The Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child

When a famous author asks magazine reporter Isobel to interview her, Isobel heads to Brazil. The moment Isobel meets the author’s son-in-law, she freezes. It is Alejandro, the man she met in London three years ago, the man who disappeared suddenly after spending a night of passion with her. How could he marry another woman while she pined for him? And how did he get the unsightly scar on his face? Isobel is disturbed. It soon becomes clear that this reunion is no coincidence, and Isobel shudders with fear when she realizes his goal!

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editor's comment - November 7th, 2014

Hero and heroine met 3 years ago and they found they are attractive to each other. At that night they fell in love. However at that night after they made love, hero left for Rio and never came back to London, where heroine is located. After 3 years, heroine went to Rio for work, and happened to meet hero, with scars caused by serious wound. Hero then told heroine that he knows about her kid, and he wanted to see the kid as well, since it is his kid. However heroine didn't allow. How should hero convince heroine?

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3.5 three years to say the right thing 4  4

The heroine met the hero at a friend's birthday party and the heroine is against being close since her friend declared he was off limits but the hero sets her straight that he's not in a relationship in an awkward sense for both heroine and her friend. He leaves the party by the heroine's request but he comes back the next morning to pursue a relationship. The heroine being very cautious since her first marriage ended in disaster and she's been on a dry spell for six years, does have a pleasant conversation with him till reasons for her divorce spring up. The bad memories of her husband cheating and she declares his infidelity was due to the one thing she couldn't be: a man! The hero comforts the heroine and we all know what happens next and sadly, it ends badly. How, it's because the hero gets a call from home that forces him to leave immediately.The heroine thinks he's just played with her, despite his assurances that he'll come back to London. He doesn't come back and we fast forward three years to the heroine flying to his home country for an interview with a famous author. Imagine her surprise when the hero is introduced to her as the author's son-in-law to her dearly departed daughter. The heroine is practically trying to recover her wits and keep cool since she's afraid that any connection between the hero and her will automatically put her on the woman's hit list. Truly, the woman clings to the hero since she's a lonely woman whose husband and child died before her and the hero is her one connection to her daughter(even though the hero and daughter only ever married was because the daughter felt guilty for the car crash she caused from using drugs injured him so badly with all the scars, lame leg, and lowering his chances of ever having a child. Plus, he thought no woman would ever want with all the things listed above.) Yes, the heroine has a lot to fear considering she's the mother of his child. She tries to avoid the man but he pursues her with the mother-in-law watching them with her evil eye. I mean you should have eavesdropped on the phone conversation like the heroine who overheard between the MIL and the hero. In fact, the MIL tells the heroine right to her face that she won't let her have the hero. The heroine then gets more information on not tight lipped workers that the accident was the daughter's fault and the hero's luckily to be alive. In the night, the hero comes sneaking into the heroine's room. He reveals that he's been investigating the heroine and his little girl and he really wants to meet her. One thing leads to another and they're back to right where they started. However, the hero leaves when the heroine is asleep and she's kicked out of the house by the MIL who discovered their little get together. She heads back home to her little girl who the hero tailing after her. The little girl who's no less than an angel is sweet to the hero and isn't afraid of his scar despite what he believed. The hero and heroine have a conversation of where he open up everything from the first night he left her. First off, the daughter was like a sister who had developed a serious drug addiction and was the reason for the hero's quick flight back home because she had overdosed. When she was realized from the hospital, she offered to drive and he took her up on it, which caused the accident. They did the marriage but the woman couldn't get clean and died of an overdose six months later. The heroine also confesses that she was actually waiting for the hero and he reveals he planned the whole interview just to see the heroine after he discovered the existence of his daughter who may be his only child due to what was written earlier. Then the heroine thinks the hero is only getting close to her to get to the little girl. She voices her thoughts and the hero denounces them with a ring and a speech of his feelings. The heroine accepts his proposal and the MIL accepts the couple's marriage on the account of the sweet little girl who melts her heart. We move forward to where the heroine and hero are having a date together with all the grandparents, including the MIL fighting to babysit the little girl. The two also have a baby on the way and it ends happily.

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