Unwordly Secretary, Untamed Greek

Romance Unwordly Secretary, Untamed Greek

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Unwordly Secretary, Untamed Greek

Beth Farley can’t stand working at her job while she’s in love with her soon-to-be-married boss, Andreas Kyriakis. But before she can even submit her resignation letter, Andreas’s arrogant brother, Theo, comes up with a plan to help both of them. The two will pose as lovers so Beth can get Andreas's attention and Theo can break his brother's engagement. But cCan Beth go through with Theo’s plan? And does she still want Andreas now that she’s seen another side of Theo?

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editor's comment - November 7th, 2014

The story is quite the same as other Harlequin stories, but there's a little difference. At first, when hero asks heroine to be his fake lover in order to show off to his brother, heroine loves hero's brother but not hero. In most of Harlequin stories, heroine loves hero but decides to hide her emotion and help hero. And on the other hand, hero loves his brother's fianc?e. However after that, heroine realizes that fianc?e loves either hero or his brother, but just uses them. And hero realizes that and makes her leave. And finally he tells heroine that he loves her, from the beginning to the end.

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Fairy godfather becomes prince charming! 4  4

Who would have thought that the hero was the heroine fairy godfather in helping her get the guy (his younger and irresponsible brother). So, the heroine is the hero's younger's brother's assistant that was held an unrequited crush for the him and is further crushed by the man's announcement of his engagement. The hero comes to her with a bit of advice to get the brother to notice her: be the hero's lover. Apparently, whatever the hero has, the brother wants it as well and it doesn't exclude women. In fact, the fiancee was one of the hero's late girlfriends. The heroine agrees to the plan because the hero only wants the ex-girlfriend away from his brother because she's a nasty little thing and you'll see later. So, the hero gets the heroine a full blown make over from three of his assistants and learns from the assistant that he's a man she respects immensely because he doesn't judge on gender but on hard work. They make quite an impression on the dinner guests, including the brother and OW. In fact, the brother starts playing hands on the heroine's knee under the table but she is shocked by his behavior that she excuses herself to the bathroom. Later that night, she finds out that her only relative (her grandmother) died. This is where the hero starts transforming into Prince Charming. He comes to the heroine's house with groceries, spends time with her, and lends a comforting shoulder as she grieves. The heroine finds herself falling for the hero but he thinks that the heroine still thinks of his brother. Even after their hot night together when she tells him that she wants him. It's his comment in the morning, that pushes the heroine to end their relationship till she's invited by his mother for a vacation. She meets the hero........and the OW who seems to have invited herself into the hero's family home in Greece. The OW gets the heroine and her alone and tricks her into swimming in a dangerous spot. Luckily, the hero is able to pull the heroine out from the under current in time. He makes his promises to the OW who runs off in fear. Then he turns to the heroine to reveal the real reason why the hero didn't want the brother to marry the OW. He also proclaims his love for the heroine and she confesses her love for him. It's a lovely ending for them.

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