Expecting Royal Twins!

Pure Romance Expecting Royal Twins!

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Expecting Royal Twins!

All Izzy ever wanted was to be a mechanic and one day the crew chief of a racetrack pit crew.Oh, and to find the key to a box she was left by her uncle. Eventually she finds the key, but she also finds out she is a princess who is already married to a prince, to Niko. Niko is willing to give her the key but in return he wants to get an annulment. Izzy never had any real interest in getting married so she's more than happy to go along with it. She travels to the place of their birth, Vernonia. It has been suffering ever since her disappearance long ago. No one wants Izzy and Niko’s marriage to end, and after being with him neither does Izzy. But how does Niko feel about Izzy, a mechanic who isn’t afraid to get oil on herself?

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This Cinderella is a auto mechanic. 3  3

It all starts with a fancy locked box missing its key. Our heroine posts a picture on an antique site and receives an answer. But who'd ever guess the key would come in the possession of a prince, and when it opens her box, it proves she is a princess in her own right, and his lawfully wedded bride! While no longer permitted, at the time - in hopes of ending a civil war - she and the hero had been married while she was just a baby! Hostilities, however, did not cease immediately, and fearing for their safety, the heroine's family makes arrangements to flee to America for a time. She is secretly sent ahead with a a loyal servant, and thought dead with her parents when their car explodes. Now an orphan in a foreign land, the servant becomes her 'Uncle' and raises her to be a confident, self assured American girl with the dream of being the pit chief of her own auto racing pit crew. Being a princess bride doesn't fit that dream, so when she is offered an inheritance in return for an annulment, she is more than willing to quietly travel to this distant land to facilitate it. There she learns her hero prince is engaged, and makes fast friends with his fiancee. Everyone is in agreement. They'll annul the marriage. She gets to go home with enough money to start her racing team. The prince gets to marry a beautiful princess from an allied county. Win/win - all's well that ends well, but it doesn't. Somebody leaks that the princess is alive and well, and suddenly the wedding is back on regardless of hers or the prince's wishes. So she starts life as an actual princess. She has a castle of her own. She makes public appearances with the prince dressed in fancy dresses. He visits her to spend passionate nights, but treats her formally the rest of the time, and she wonders if this is what marriage is supposed to be like. Everything comes to a head when they have to participate in a royal parade. One of the parade trucks stalls, and it looks like the parade will have to be canceled. Seeing a young citizen upset by that prospect, our heroine decides to save the day by doing what she does best, and in doing so blows the image of her as a prim and proper princess out of the water. Afterwards the prince hotly explains that she needs to realize she has other duties now, and being a mechanic is not among them. She just needs to play the proper princess and fulfill her responsibility to give the people an heir. Our heroine is utterly shaken by being told to give up her dreams and who she is and just be a proper royal brood mare by the man she has come to love, and so secludes herself in her castle. But then things are shaken quite literally when an earthquake strikes, and it's epicenter is the the region where her castle is. This is probably the only place I really felt the pacing skipped a beat. It would seem the prince left to go seek the heroine immediately after the earthquake, and yet when he gets there if feels like it's been awhile since it hit. It's a minor hiccup in the tale though. Needless to say, the earthquake gives the hero a chance to get his priorities straight and he can only hope he'll be given a chance to see his beloved princess again and tell her. All in all, this wasn't an uncommonly unique story, although I think it's the first princess I've run across that started as a mechanic. I liked that while there was some back handed manipulation going on, it wasn't on the behalf of the prince's current fiancee, whose engagement our heroine inadvertently wrecked. I also liked how the heroine wasn't going to let circumstances get her down and make her give up. She was strong to the finish and I liked her scrappy attitude. I rented it on sale, and am satisfied with what I got.

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