The Millionaire's Inexperienced Love-Slave

Romance The Millionaire's Inexperienced Love-Slave

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The Millionaire's Inexperienced Love-Slave

While lunching in a Sydney café, Sharni can't believe her eyes—a man that's a dead ringer for her deceased husband, Ray, walks through the door. Everything about him, from his face to the way he walks to the way he moves his bangs out of his eyes, screams Ray. Is this man Ray's twin, separated at birth? Determined to get facts, Sharni approaches him. Although he denies her assumptions, the mystery man, Adrian, takes an interest in her and asks her on a date. Can Sharni, who hasbeen alone since the untimely demise of her husband five years ago, open up her heart to this mysterious and dashing stranger?

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not too bad 3  3

It's not too bad because she does tell him in their first meeting that he looks like her deceased husband with his looks and acts. However, nobody pushes when the hero states he's an only child and the dead hubbie was adopted. So, they strike up a conversation and enjoy each other's company. The hero hears the heroine has been in a real slump for the past five years and sets out to help her enjoy life again. When I mean enjoy, I mean in bed, in shower, and more places. I say to the both of them go right ahead. Then they head to the opera where the hero's ex where she plants some bad seeds about the hero in the heroine's head. Sadly, the heroine believes the her over the hero and breaks their relationship. Then it comes to an exchange of blows of who was taking who because the hero sees the dead husband's picture and questions the heroine if she was really having coitus with him or pretending he was the husband with the heroine accusing the hero of going after dark haired girls one after the other. From there, it's up and down with cat vs. dog relationship with the two. The hero volunteers his services to restore the heroine's home to its former glory but their personal relationship does hit a dead end with the two feeling miserable. However, they're able to find some common ground and head to meet the hero's mother. Then the hero proposes marriage to the heroine who accepts but she still sees the dead husband when looking at the window's reflection. Then the truth comes out at the mother's house: the hero was the twin brother to the dead husband. The mother suffered a miscarriage and one night a poor teenager died giving birth to twins. The mother wanted a child so badly but was afraid of taking both if raised suspicion. So, they left town and never contacted any of their friends from a past life. The hero takes a walk to process everything, leaving the heroine to comfort the mother. Then the heroine goes after the hero and they talk about a lot of things like the dead husband's sad past and the heroine's miscarriage when the husband died. The heroine confesses she fell in love with him because he brought life back into her life for being just him. She asks if that proposal is still on the table and replies yes. They hold and kiss then walk back to the house. We end on the heroine's new of being pregnant and skip to where the family is having a picnic with a little boy.

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Shameful sister-in-law 3  3

It is normal to be interested in someone who looks like your husband, it's ultimately not normal to continue pursuing this guy even after knowing he's actually your brother-in-law. Karan Dan had still done well retelling the story in a way it's almost acceptable, but the story is still a major turn-off. Such a disappointment for Miranda Lee. Still, Karan deserves an applause, so three stars at least for her.

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