Prince Voronov's Virgin

Romance Prince Voronov's Virgin

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Prince Voronov's Virgin

After the death of their parents, Paige is doing her best to raise her little sister. She works as the secretary for the president of a company, and she has a bit of a crush on him. She’s able to bring her sister to Russia, where she’s working, but then her sister goes missing. Paige wanders around one night, looking for her, until she is chased by a group of drunk men. A mysterious young man comes to her rescue, telling her to act as if they are lovers. She can't help but feel some attraction to him...and then she finds out who he really is. Now he's got her in his sights.

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3.7 winter love 4  4

The heroine is searching for her sister when she comes across the hero who helps her out a dangerous situation. The hero thinks she's a corporate spy sent by her boss but she isn't with how she asks. Afterwards, she learns from the hero that the sister is in the boss's hotel room with and it breaks her heart because she has had a huge crush on the boss. So, she takes to shake off the pity and start anew. She attempts to seduce the hero till she finds out his full name is the same name as the rival company. Nothing happens and the hero takes her back to the hotel. Later, when the meeting is delayed until further notice, the hero takes the heroine by helicopter to a private mansion to have a candlelight dinner with him. It was a very romantic gesture to me. It's all very romantic with the sled ride and intercourse but it turns cold as Russia's december when the hero notifies the heroine that his company won and he's throwing her out. Two months pass with the heroine getting a new job and a cold but it becomes worse when the hero appears on her doorstep to give her back the fancy coat. The heroine becomes nauseated and vomits into the toilet and the hero hears the voicemail about the heroine's ultrasound appointment. In span of 48 hours, the heroine rejected by her sister for cavorting with the enemy and never wants to see her again to arriving in Russia. Then the hero just leaves her and she has to deal with snobby siblings. When the hero demands to know why she was with the snobbies in the first places, she gives him a piece of her mind. Afterwards, they spend more time together and develop a happy relationship out of the bedroom. It comes to a point where the hero trusts the heroine enough to reveal that his aggressive approach in making the ex-boss's company suffered stemmed from when his family was lost all everything except for a little bit of land. His aunt told them to let her husband work the land and they would give them a percent of the offerings. However, the husband struck gold and didn't tell them have a penny. It becomes worse when the hero went to the husband to beg for money to pay for his sister's medical fees but the husband rejected him. The heroine wants the hero to let go of the anger since the husband is dead but the hero won't because its the driving force to protect the heroine and baby. The hero leaves with the heroine following him but a scary situation involving the baby has the hero rethink his attitude. Luckily, everyone is fine and we have a romantic confession from the both of them. We skip eight months where the hero and heroine are enjoying a texas barbecue with the sister and boss. It is a nice ending and I rather liked it.

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Good leads..terrible support characters 4  4

Paige and the Prince are both selfless and kindhearted..both deserve happiness. But Emma and Chad are both selfish, opportunistic and annoying. All they cared about was themselves , their welfare and didnt even care about Paige when all Paige ever did was think about their happiness even at the expense of her own. My goodness!

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