The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel

Pure Romance The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel

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The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel

Young Petra saw a grown man cry for the first time. Left alone at a party by her mother, she sees Lysandros on the roof, where he is trying to kill himself, and manages to stop him. She couldn't forget his face and he ended up being her first love. Ten years later, he is a wealthy Greek tycoon…and her stepfather's rival. She read in the gossip magazines that he became a famous playboy, and had apparently forgotten all about her. Petra tries to get close to him, but then finds out about a feud between their two families...

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a bit like Florence nightingale 3  3

It's a bit like a florence nightingale romance,except the hero's a CEO and the heroine isn't a nurse, doctor, physician, or medical assistant but a research assistant. They met ten years ago when the heroine was 12 and she gave the hero words of wisdom. They meet again a decade later when the heroine's mom is marrying her boss after many years of dedicated service as a secretary. There are a couple of wrong things said but the hero discovers the heroine hasn't changed at all and became a great person. After some misunderstanding of being with her new stepbrother but finding her in some old ruins, he invites to live in his rooms, while she excavates the ruins. During this time, she helps reveal his marriage of how he loved his wife but discovered that she was in cahoots with the heroine's stepbrother and laid a trap to get him notice her, fall in love, and marry her in order for her to find information on the hero to use against him. The hero found out and while he still loved the wife who exclaimed that she regretted what she had done and love the hero, he was unable to trust her. He said some hurtful things and gambled nonstop till the heroine knocked some sense into him. He went to find the wife, only to find her dying and holding the body of their dead child in a shed of a home. Then he admits that he could never fall in love with anyone except the heroine for the light she brought him in his darkest time. She returns his love and they share a special night. Yet, the dark clouds appear when the stepbrother makes himself at home in the hero's house. He says some stuff but the heroine throws him out. Sadly, when our main couple is at a party, the stepbrother brings in a paper, revealing about the wife's death in detail that only the hero told the heroine. The hero wants to trust the heroine's word but he can't and she leaves in sadness. Even after they find a bug in the room the hero told the heroine the whole story, she can't go back because he needs proof before trusting the heroine. The heroine leaves the house but runs into the stepbrother who holds her at gunpoint. The situation escalates when the stepbrother drags him into the ruins and shoots at the unstable roof. The hero starts to collapse but everyone survive. The whole situation makes the heroine want to stay next to the hero and they confess they're in love with each other and get married.

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