Tipping the Waitress With Diamonds

Pure Romance Tipping the Waitress With Diamonds

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Tipping the Waitress With Diamonds

Sienna knocked on the doors of her aunt's restaurant looking for advice. She’s been promoted at the restaurant where she works, but if she accepts, she’ll have to work with the head chef—her ex-fiancé. But her aunt doesn’t answer the door, Brett Cameron does. He was her first love and is now a famous chef. She blushes like a teenager when he greets her warmly tells her that he has come to try to help her aunt with the restaurant...and that he could use Sienna’s help.

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editor's comment - November 14th, 2014

Have you ever seen a movie called “No Reservations?" Well to be honest, I haven't. But somehow I feel that the story is quite the same. Hero and heroine meet in a restaurant where hero was a trainee and heroine is nephew of the owner. They were attractive to each other but they were young. After a few years heroine came back as a restaurant manager and she met hero, who becomes a chef. They worked perfectly on holding a birthday party and found themselves fell in love with each other. However heroine has to leave hero for a manager job, and hero can't do anything…

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needs a better title 4  4

I liked the story but the title was offsetting because it says that she's a waitress but she's actually a restaurant manager for a fancy restaurant. There is a big difference between a restaurant manager and a waitress. In fact, we see her do very little waitressing, except for being a costumed maid waitress for a six-year girl's birthday. Now, the heroine has run off from her business because she hears from the retired boss that another person is coming to take over him. This other person is the OM, the heroine's fiancee who drove the restaurant they created (even though he took all the money to make reckless decisions that accumulated large debts. Then he runs back to the US and leaves the heroine to deal with the whole mess and after four years of pulling herself out of the ditch, regaining her confidence, and her career, he comes back. The heroine runs back to her family's restaurant to find her first love from 12 years ago (the hero) cleaning up the broken restaurant. I liked reading their thoughts for the comic. The hero convinces her to help bring back life to the restaurant for her aunt who was there for her when she was in the ditch. The hero comes from a tragic past with no one giving him the time of day and anyone who paid attention to him was only cruel until the aunt came along and taught him to cook and gave him the warmth he desperately needed. I liked how both of them slowly open up about their insecurities to each other. The hero admits about his dyslexia and the heroine compliments him for opening and how far he has come. Then the hero offers the heroine the position of manager at the restaurant that his friend and him are opening in the area. They take a risk in their relationship with a kiss but it's ruined when the friend jumps to the conclusion the heroine has agreed to the offer before the heroine even gave her answer. This causes her to remember her trauma with the ex, shouting at the two men, and then running away. She doesn't get too far before getting in an accident. When she wakes up, she reveals her trauma with the ex, the hero holds and comforts her. She makes the decision to go back to her previous job because she doesn't want to run away but decides to hand in her resignation when she sees how the ex is going to destroy the restaurant with his dumb ideas. I say logical explanation on her part because she faced her past, moved on, and got out of a situation that would have repeated itself four years ago. During this time, the hero realizes that he wants to be with the heroine and will fight for her. The hero comes to her with a dessert in one hand and his heart in the other. He asks the heroine to marry him and she responds with joyful teary yes. The ending was sweet and I did enjoy it. I understand that Tipping the manager with diamonds doesn't sound the best but making her out to be a waitress when she does so much more is degrading.

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What waitress? she was not a waitress! 3  3

Ive avoided this title for a while because the title seemed unappealing to me. The summary is a bit misleading. This was rather slow paced. Felt they couldve explored more about the characters.

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