Pure Romance Millionaire to the Rescue

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Millionaire to the Rescue

Brooke’s life is on the verge of destruction. Following the death of her husband, Cal, in a car accident, she loses her house and reputation because of the debts he’s left behind. At a loss, she is saved by Cal’s best friend, Danny. The handsome man is always hopping from one fling to another, but he’d always been kind and courteous to Brooke. His encouraging words convince Brooke she’s not alone and help console her aching heart. But she has to remember he’s only showing her such warmth because she’s the wife of his best friend…right?

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a cute romance 3.5 4  4

The hero swoops in to save the heroine, widow to his best friend and famous racer. The media have been hounding the poor woman and her two children over her husband's death, bankruptcy, other women, etc. The hero takes her to an off the grid in order for her to collect her feelings and get back on her feet. This also gives the children a chance to take a break from those awful people shoving their mics and cameras in their face. I really liked the hero because he takes interest in the kids immensely, like having the little boy's favorite movies. There's some tears for the heroine after a year of being a mom, a widow, and paparazzi target. However, the paparazzi find them again, causing the heroine to leave the house but the hero reassures her to stay with him. A dinner party with the sister, the sister's boyfriend, the hero's "girlfriend" an executive of his company. The sister brings up the fact that the hero has been in love with the heroine for a long time and even gives a time of when she saw it. Now, we see the hero is being haunted by the ghostly image of the dead husband/best friend. Now, the heroine wants to know from the hero himself if her sister's observations are spot on. The heroine is able to get a job at the hero's office after showing her vast knowledge in sports and handling athletes face to face & through the phone. Then the heroine kisses the hero but he rejects it and declares the heroine is only seeking comfort over the death of her husband despite the fact she was living separate from her husband for over a year. The whole situation causes the heroine to finally leave with the kids. The hero sees in his lonely house finally confronts his feelings & his best friend's ghost. It takes crying kids to push the heroine to go back to the hero. It was nice family wedding but I would have a liked a few more pages on the hero and heroine's romance and wedding.

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Rushed ending 3  3

Rushed ending.

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hmm interesting 4  4

This was rather bittersweet. It seemed as though the two leads had initial feelings for each other but Carl noticed it first. Makes you wonder if Carl did really love the heroine and the reason for his ruin was because he knew his own wife is actually in love with his bestfriend.

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