A Stormy Spanish Summer

Romance A Stormy Spanish Summer

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A Stormy Spanish Summer

Felicity's father, part of a Spanish dukedom, never recognized her as part of his regal family. But upon his death he leaves his home to her, so she sets off for Spain to investigate. But when she arrives in the crowded airport, who’s there to meet her but the man who had succeeded him as Duque:, Vidal y Salvadores. His gaze is cold, and he’s clearly still under the misconception that she’s a loose woman due to a misunderstanding from seven years earlier. Her burgeoning love for him was destroyed back then, and the atmosphere between them is still tense. When he suddenly kisses her, she knows it's a mistake. Her traitorous heart, however, has other ideas. But will Vidal's eyes always be filled with such contempt for her?

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fine but not interesting for me 3  3

The heroine is visiting the home of the father who abandoned her because the hero who she blames for separating her parents because seven years old think coincidences of seeing your uncle with your nanny isn't a secret meeting nor his dominating grandmas will force separation between the his uncle and nanny. In fact, despite the numerous people including the heroine's mother telling her it's wasn't the hero's fault, she holds it over him for most of the book. The hero also doesn't have the best opinion of the heroine as well because when they met when she was sixteen years old for the first time, he believed the boy who was half naked and on top that she seduced him (Not true, he broke in and attempted to rape her). the two are just cat and dog to each other but the heroine slowly discovers the boy who lost his father at age seven and became the heir for the ancient family with all its heavy responsibilities and was the one who provide the home and "inheritance" the heroine thought it was from her great aunt on her mother's side as his way of making amends. There is still more bickering even after he finds out that he deflowered the heroine in a fit of passion. Another fight breaks out and when they leave on bad terms but the heroine finds a more shocking truth that it wasn't the hero who kept her parents apart but her own mother. She was thinking of the heroine's happiness but I believe that it would have been better if the heroine met the father when she was in her late teens or early twenties to prepare for it all. They talk things out and clear the fog between them and enough to accidentally confess their love to each other. We fast forward three years or four years where they have a little boy who can walk, while holding a basket and it's the heroine's birthday. The hero gives her a cute present but she gives him an even better one. He hugs and twirls her around and we have an happy ending. It was fine but it didn't hold my attention.

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