The Frenchman's Love-Child

Romance The Frenchman's Love-Child

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The Frenchman's Love-Child

In her seventeenth summer, Tabby fell in love. Tabby and Christien swore their love for each other, but their relationship ended with a nightmare that tore their families apart. Four years later, the two unexpectedly reunite. Tabby has inherited a cottage on Christien’s family land, and suddenly, he appears demanding that she sell the cottage to him and leave. But Tabby desperately needs a home...for her and her son. This is the first book of Lynne Graham's popular miniseries!

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editor's comment - April 24th, 2015

It was amazing how a woman and a man can be changed for their precious treasures over time.
They were lovers from their childhood and it was absolutely to see how they turned into after the tragedy and hard time they passed through.

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grief can blind one 2  2

The hero and heroine were in a relationship in the hot summer in France that started romantic but ended in tragedy when one of the hero's staff informs of him that his father along with the heroine's father died with some other people. The heroine is blamed for the whole suffering because her father was driving drunk the group and caused the accident. Of course, it's the heroine's fault since she wasn't the one driving, had no idea of what was happened, or even the fact that she wasn't even there to begin with. Sadly, everyone directs their hate and anger towards her and even friends whose parents died in the crash leave her. The hero is no different and when she tries to contact him when she learns their one time resulted in a pregnancy but a woman's voice shuts her out and she resigns herself to raise her little boy since her stupid father left everything to his much younger wife who kicked his daughter and had to take shelter with her aunt. After four years she receives a call that she's inherited a cottage from the hero's aunt, which ticked off a lot of the hero's family's members like his mother. The hero is conflicted with the whole thing because of three things: he's loyal to his mother and so, he despises the heroine, he's still attracted to the heroine, and most important: he's engaged to his childhood friend under a marriage contract for business purposes and to provide his mother with a grandchild to bring her back. The only reason the heroine even goes back to France is because the climate can help her little boy's asthma and she wants the best for him, even if it means confronting his cold-hearted dad. The hero is just a jerk to the heroine and seduces back to his place and they have coitus. I don't get these two because I know the heroine hasn't been getting any since the hero but we don't know about the hero. Seriously, what was the heroine thinking going with the hero, much less having coitus with the man who abandoned her and has been a jerk since she returned. Then she has enough naivety to think that after their one bout of coitus that he has made a complete 180 degree change in attitude even when right before intercourse, he was insulting her with accusations of how many men she's been with. That theory is shattered when he offers her to be his lover (a.k.a his mistress). It's because he KNOWS she's not responsible for the accident but since she's the daughter of the man that he CAN'T marry her. Then some things come to light like the hero going to see the heroine and a woman with blonde hair go with a man. The heroine scolds the hero with not checking it was her because her stepmother had the same color of hair was was only four years older than her. She also reveals being kicked out and not receiving a penny of her father's money. She makes the hero take her back to find her little boy has disappeared. They quickly see it was the hero's father who took the little boy. How dumb was the woman to take a stranger child from the front porch without even telling anybody. We have a for that action: kidnapping. Despite her lack of common sense, she is able to see the family resemblance between the hero and little boy as well as the family medical condition of asthma. The truth is revealed and the hero starts demanding answers, the heroine's friend berates the hero and his mother for placing the blame of their father/husband's death on the heroine when it was her father whom she lost as well. I really wish the heroine hadn't interfered and let them have and have the friend kick them out. The hero pulls up the "I'll take responsibility" with the marriage thing and the heroine actually lets him even though he told her straight to her face that they HAVE to get married for the little boy. Then on the night of the party, the ex-fiancee comes forth and says that the hero is only marrying her to get the little boy, take custody, divorce her, and marry the supposedly ex-fiancee. The heroine is so distraught with her statement and realizing she was the woman on the phone that she grabs the little boy and runs out to the nearest car with the friend and mother right beside her. The hero throws himself onto the car's path to make the car brake. Once, everyone is out of the car, the hero reveals that his engagement to the OW was just business deal in order to make a child for the grandmother. He apologizes to the heroine for everything and how much he regrets not being there for her. So, he finds the only way to start making amends was finding the hair pin he gave her. The hair pin, she sold for childbirth costs. Apparently, it's the hairpin is how the aunt put the heroine in her will because she noticed at the funeral wearing when she had given it to the hero on the condition that he give to the girl he wanted to marry. The heroine is so touched that she opens her arms again to the hero. They kiss and hug and that's the end, it seemed all good but it was sad that so many people blamed a teenager for the deaths she played no part in.

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