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Pure Romance Her Hand in Marriage

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Her Hand in Marriage

While attending an art exhibition, Romillie is introduced to Naylor Cardell, but as they converse Romillie quickly finds the successful entrepreneur’s arrogance infuriating. Not that she expected anything different from a man…not since her artist mother had had a mental breakdown after suffering under the tyranny of her abusive father. Romillie had been her mother's support, and that left her with no time to—or interest in—romance. But when Naylor looks at her with his impudent eyes, she feels a reluctant stirring in her heart. Could she ever let herself become involved with such an overbearing man…even one as alluring as Naylor?

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editor's comment - November 21st, 2014

I personally love the story because it is very romantic. Heroine is afraid of men and thinking no to marry in her whole life as her mother didn't have a nice marriage. Her father threatened them and so her mother is in bad illness and always need to be with heroine. But then her mother gets to know Lewis, and they seem suitable for each other. Also, heroine meets hero, who is Lewis' business partner and they have a double date. Will hero solve the problem which heroine has about men? And will they finally become two couples? (heroine's mother and Lewis, heroine and hero)

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Good Read 3  3

This harlequin manga was interesting and well written. I liked the characters, story and art. It was well worth it to read.

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a dateless heroine 4  4

The story has the heroine who has recently broken off with a guy she was dating because she found out that he was seeing another woman. The heroine blames her inability of finding a good man on her abusive father who was cruel to his wife. The mother and the heroine have a good relationship together. They go out because the mother was invited by a kind man out to dinner but because of past abuse, she doesn't feel comfortable going out with men. It makes it interesting to see a person who has been burned by someone they married, come out of their shell and find love. The man they meet is polite and kind who in turn introduces the hero who is the right hand man of the gentlemen. I liked is that both the hero and heroine are protective of the people they care about. The hero wants his friend/boss to have a good and healthy relationship because of his disastrous divorcee and the heroine wants her mother to heal from the abusive marriage. It's new and sweet. It did throw me off that the hero thinks that the heroine told her mother to turn down the invitation at first. This is because they just met and he doesn't have any more information on them. I liked that the heroine handled him in an adult manner but I would have liked it that she cleared her name as well. I like how the mother gets the heroine to go out on a date with the hero. It's funny. Their conversations are interesting like mild cats and dogs. They learn a few things about each other, which of course clears some things up. A funny part for me was the hero seeing the mother's portrait of the heroine nude. They meet again because the heroine needs him to get off a clingy, cheating ex-boyfriend. The hero states that she used him to which she disagreed but I agree with the hero. There's a kiss and the heroine leaves all angry and flustered. I like that instead of the hero apologizing with flowers, its the heroine because she realized what she had done wrong. It's even more interesting to watch the romance between the mother and gentleman develop because it shows that everyone can have that special romance. Then the creep of an ex-husband shows up and takes all the money. I admire the heroine for her bravery against the man. I feel so sorry for the poor mother. They get out of that situation quick. The hero finds out from the heroine after a bit of time of what happened and supports her. Some time goes by and the both of them find them in an interesting situation of where they sleep in the same bed then it goes wrong when the hero says the wrong thing. I found it scary that the terrible father came after the heroine but loved the fact that the mother stood her ground against him. The ending was good too. It was a good book.

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