Romance The One and Only

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The One and Only

When Joy goes to a restaurant on Valentine's Day during her first trip to London, she has no idea she will meet the big television star Marcus. A chill runs down her spine as he gazes at her with his searching blue eyes. When he asks her to dance, she readily agrees. Surely even a plain librarian from the country is allowed to have a little fun. As they dance, his lips touch hers, and Joy forgets who she is in her passionate response. But then, Marcus gets it into his head that she's an easy woman, and showers her with insults and dirty looks!

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editor's comment - November 28th, 2014

I believe that every girl dreamed about dating with stars. And the story is just that kind of story. Heroine is a girl who lives in the country but won a sweepstake to date with a star, who she finds at the end is very boring. And heroine, a super star bumps into them and finds heroine is very attractive. After they date each other and live in London together, the other star heroine dated with, makes a scandal in order to break hero and heroine. As hero is a famous star, will he easily win heroine's heart back?

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a Valentine's sweepstake is how you find your one. 4  4

The hero and the heroine meet when the heroine is on a valentine's sweepstake with another man. However, after some slight encouragement from the hero onto the little ego of the OM who's a small actor next to the hero's big celebrity name. The hero and heroine share a hot moment at the club they're at until the OM douses it with his presence and the heroine cuts down to any notion of a developing relationship between her and the hero. The hero is confused and goes to meet the heroine at her hotel only to find her in her pretty pajamas with the OM( he came to wake her up for a photo shoot). The hero scolds the OM believing him to be missing out on work to play. Another hot moment comes but douses with another OM, the hero answers it thinking the OM is another lover on phone but it's really the heroine's cousin who entered her in the sweepstakes but the hero doesn't know that. The heroine only goes after the hero in order to straighten out a misunderstanding that caused the OM to leave the show (the fault was entirely, the OM's fault for not being a responsible adult that his age and brain development has progressed to). The conversation ends on a sour note but the hero goes after her and they come upon the hotel with a drunk OM and a bloody nose cousin. The next morning, our main couple spend time together and as the day comes to an end, the hero reveals that he's deeply interested in the heroine. Their whole attraction leads them straight to bed and more. Suddenly, the heroine sends in her notice to her job to live with the hero. Now, the hero tries to spoil the heroine with gifts she is both grateful but deems unnecessary. Then the paparazzi get wind of the heroine's relationship, which the OM takes full advantage. He says things like the heroine was his girlfriend until the hero stole her from him. Sadly, the hero doesn't believe the heroine when she tells him the truth about the sweepstake date. The heroine hurt from his statements leaves him. The hero confronts the OM after learning some very interesting information about him like his debts and using the hero to maintain his popularity. Then the hero goes after the heroine to apologize, admit his love to her, and asks her to marry him. The heroine says yes to his proposal.

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