Strangers in the Desert

Passion Romance Strangers in the Desert

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Strangers in the Desert

One fateful day a devilishly handsome man crashes into Isabella’s life, claiming to be her husband. An accident a couple years earlier left her memories more than a little fuzzy, but she refuses to believe she could have forgotten the fact that she was married. As if suddenly becoming this overbearing man’s wife wasn’t enough to throw the independent Isabella for a loop, she soon discovers that he’s the future king of the desert kingdom of Jahfar…and about to marry another woman! One final, earth-shattering revelation leads Isabella to accompany this man back to Jahfar. But what’s waiting there for her? And why does her husband seem so disgusted with her existence?

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editor's comment - December 5th, 2014

Heroine lost her memories and one day, hero came to her and told her that she is married and has a kid. Although hero, a prince, was planning to marry his friend from childhood, he took heroine back to his country for kid. However after heroine met his kid, well it is also her kid, hero found himself falling in love again with heroine again. And heroine got back all the memories back after staying with hero and her kid. Will they both confess their feeling to each other?

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hmmmm....hard feelings 3  3

This story was a bit hard for me to both like and dislike. So, we have the hero who is supposed to be a widow since his wife (the heroine) walked out into the desert and was never found. The hero holds nothing but hatred for the woman since she left their son to walk out into one of the hottest deserts but he never questions till the end what would push someone who's lived in their country to go out without anything into one of the most harshest environments. So, he's about to become King and marry a childhood friend out of convenience when he gets word that his wife is alive and in Hawaii. He goes off the handle when he sees her and throwing out accusations. Well, he was colored surprised when she fought back and declared she had no idea who he was. He senses something amiss when she talks about speaking with her father but he still blames her for everything. The poor heroine is thrown for a loop because not only has she discovered that she has a husband but a son as well. I was impressed with how she handled the news and situation as best as she could. The hero takes her back to the country with saying and doing more degrading things and decides to hide her away. He keeps her existence on the down low, while thinking up a plan to divorce her and out of their hair. It's all because she abandoned their child. This is all because it's what happened between him and his mother who used him as a tool then threw him away when he was no longer useful. The hero does find out about the heroine's postpartum depression and it only makes him a bit lenient but he still is going about divorcing her and marrying the friend. However, he starts spending time with her and it's more than he ever spent with her when they were married. He sees this new side to the heroine and likes it so much that he falls into a passionate frenzy. The heroine resists him the first time but she caves in the second time. Things go up and down, expected in building and rebuilding relationships. Then things take a turn for the worse, the heroine's father returns. The father reveals that the heroine was found by a tourist who took her to a hospital and the hospital notified the father. When he found her, she had amnesia with no memory of the hero or the son. She also was more alive and didn't talk about killing herself. WAIT A MINUTE!!! YOUR DAUGHTER TALKED ABOUT KILLING HERSELF BEFORE GOING OUT INTO THE DESERT AND YOU DID NOTHING!!!! The man says he was taking in the heroine's best interests but the heroine sees he was only covering for his reputation to be remembered being the father of a dead queen rather than a mental one. She says the hero would have waited for her to recover but her father states he wouldn't want to be with her since he knows the truth. During this time, the hero is wallowing in self-pity because she realizes what an idiot he's been. Now, there are a lot of things that contradict that he's stated earlier in the story. He states that he considered the heroine a boring girl but earlier, he remembers lusting after her during their marriage. So, which one was it? Strangely, despite "lusting" after her, he never pursued a conversation or got to know her. He realizes now he was never there for her and never saw her. For PETE'S SAKE!!!! The man not only distanced from the pregnancy but he didn't hop on a jet when he learned she was in labor. He just stayed on the itinerary to where she had to drive herself back home with their newborn baby. Now, he's regretting the whole thing and wants to make her happy. During his realization of the heroine, the heroine's unhappy memories resurface. She remembers everything and is scared that what happened then will happen again. When she goes to see the hero, she sees him hugging the childhood friend and remembers everything he said about how perfect the friend was. She believes he's still following through his first plan. When the hero goes to see her, she shuts him out with how he stills plans on marrying the friend and etc. The hero hurt and angered by her words reveal that was the original plan and the heroine is now hurt. She has him bring the divorce papers and when she's about to sign, he yanks out from under her hand and rips them up. The hero pulls the heroine in for a tight hug, declaring he's not a good husband but he wants the heroine only and only her. The heroine tries to push him away but he begs for another chance to wanting to make her happy even if all he has done is made her cry. He asks for her forgiveness and she confesses she still loves him. They hold each other tight and decide start all over again. We fast forward two years with the heroine and hero being in love with three kids now. It was a sweet ending but it was hard to like because of how the plot went and reading the heroine have no one on her side. I wanted just one more page of groveling from the hero. Yet, the story was interesting enough and the characters were good like the OW was a sensible and kind lady rather than the average Strumpet.

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