Mission: Make-Over

Romance Mission: Make-Over

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Mission: Make-Over

Unlike most girls, Lucianna Stewart could never get used to being feminine. She’d always been a tomboy, and it didn’t help that she loved to fix up old cars for a living. Luce is tired of everyone making fun of her lack of femininity, so she decides to put her all into becoming the kind of woman that could attract the attention of a man…namely her boyfriend. What she doesn’t count on is family friend, Jake Carlisle, offering to lend a hand. Luce has held a grudge against the man since they were teens, but reluctantly accepts his help. Jake, on the other hand, secretly thinks Luce is perfect the way she is…but wants to see her happy. He helps her out with everything from body language to fancy clothes, and soon Luce starts to catch on. But soon he’s worried he’ll lose her to a man who’ll only notice her looks…without appreciating who she truly is. And after spending all this time with Jake, Luce quickly finds herself more interested in impressing Jake than her boyfriend. Will Jake let Luce go in the belief that she’ll never love him? Or will Luce sort out her mixed feelings for him?

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editor's comment - December 5th, 2014

Heroine is a boyish girl who loves and does a job of maintenance cars. The story begins when her boyfriend goes aboard without saying anything promise to her but only shows irritation with her boyish look. Her friend, hero accepts her plan to change her to become more feminine. However the reason why hero does this is not for her boyfriend, but he knows that he loves heroine when they were young. And now, heroine's boyfriend is coming back, will heroine go back to her boyfriend...?

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The Best I've read so far! 5  5

This is the best harlequin manga I've read yet. And I've read more than 100. It's been a really long time since I actually liked a story so much that I had a smile plastered on my face at the end. I loved the story. The art was great. I especially loved how the artist drew the expressions and the eyes of the characters. I laughed at the ending comments by the artist. I'm glad she changed the last restaurant scene with John from what she said the book was like. I felt it was the best possible way to do things. (Trying to be a general as possible to avoid spoilers). Still this manga really makes me want buy the novel as well. I'm pretty picky when it comes to giving 5 stars. Usually I give between 2 and 3. It was well worth the read. I loved both the characters and I'll definitely read it again, if this site sold physical copies I'd buy one to add to my manga collection at home of favorites. If you're looking for a harlequin to check out, you should try this one if you haven't already. Oh and also, I don't know if anyone else thought so as well, but I swear Luce was using something like a gas can as a watering can for her flowers (which I thought was a cute touch since cars and flowers were the 2 things she had a passion for... other than the man she loved of course.).

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Can anyone tell me where can I find my own Jake ... sighs...lol 5  5

This has got to be one of my favourite titles. We have a broodingly handsome and accomplished Jake, 10 years older than Luciana who is friends with her brothers. Growing up, he saw her only as a little sister but one day he realize she is more than. But given their age difference, he tried his best to hide his feelings, tease her to a point to make her dislike him. Luc finally gets a bf( John) but John seems to think little of Luciana as shes too much of a tomboy. Jake offers to help her become more feminine. As they spend more time together, Luc discovers more than her femininity. She comes to realize who is really in her heart. Jake is just amazing. He's the kind of guy all ladies will swoon for ( he looks so cool with his reading glasses, this classy sexy bstard). But instead of the usual playboys who treat girls as toys, Jake is honest. He loved Luc for many years but was satisfied to see her happy even in the arms of another man. Yes, he loved her that much this handsome idiot. Everyone was rooting for him and seems everyone knows theyre destined to be together all along but...well the two of them are both ridiculously in denial. I really enjoy the silent moments where Jake realize how much of an idiot he is for helping Luc become even more irresistable for another man lol. Yes Jake.. we know. Overall a very nice and sweet romance piece.

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