The Ruthless Marriage Proposal

Passion Romance The Ruthless Marriage Proposal

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The Ruthless Marriage Proposal

Sebastian is one of Australia's foremost billionaires, and any number of women are jostling for the position of his girlfriend. Even his housekeeper, Emily, has succumbed to his dangerous charms, but she knows she shouldn't be falling for a playboy like him. She wants an honest man who’ll dedicate himself to building a life with her! If she stays with him in this job much longer, she'll just be inviting intrigue and unhappiness, so she writes a letter of resignation. But when Sebastian sees it, his response overwhelms her. "If what you want is a husband and children, I can give it to you. Let's get married."

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alright now not there 3  3

The heroine has decided to leave the hero since she discovered her crush/boss doesn't want love, ring, and kids. For me, I felt the heroine's whole, "Drop off the world" thing was much. I mean, not only did she quit her job but she completely changed her appearance. She states it was in order to fit the housekeeper job requirements, but I felt there was more that she didn't want to found by anyone in her previous life. Now, she wants out and goes back to being a natural blond. She decides to skinny dip before she leaves since the boss isn't coming home till tomorrow. Evidently, she doesn't seem the type to check, which is surprising since she worked at a hotel. The hero trusts the heroine in full confidence but is completely shocked by her 180 degree change in appearance and attitude but he's quick on throwing off the clothes. Thankfully nothing happens. Next morning, the hero discovers the resignation letter and wants an answer. She tells him what she can do and part of why; yet, neither she nor him broach the subject what made her choose a housekeeping job along with the appearance in the first place. Instead he takes her out to lunch on the condition she dresses up and she does dress up. The reader and hero learn out a year ago when the heroine's mother was on her sickbed and the heroine took time off to nurse her was when her live-in boyfriend/co-worker cheated on her. To top it off, right after her mother's funeral, she discovered her rich professor father had taken up with a young student who he intended to marry during his wife's hospitalization and she cut off contact with him. The heroine wanted to get away from it all and wants to start a family now. Right there, the hero proposes the heroine marries him and she rejects it right off. It's only after the hero lists the reasons why they should is when the heroine agrees to the proposal. The man may act cold but he actually does some thing that show his trust in the heroine like taking her to the grave of his beloved grandma who took him in after his parents died. It's the place where he pulls out the expensive ring, gets down on one knee, and asks the heroine to marry him. After talking things out, the heroine accepts and they separate for her to quit her agency and him handling business. Once, she gets home, she finds the ex sleeping in her birthday suit for the hero. We have female spat between the two but it's the OW's words that cut deeper into the heroine. Some of it is true like him sleeping with her only 5 days before he proposed to the heroine. She believes the OW's words over the hero's word. The man who arrives after her, tells her he loves her and she still runs off. She actually runs to her father who broke up with the student and has regretted what he did since it caused the heroine pain. She opens up to him about everything and he helps her see the truth in the hero's words. She goes back to see the hero. The hero is overjoyed to see the heroine and reveals his avoidance to marriage and kids. He grew up in a broken home with parents who fought all the time and cared little for the hero. We have that confession of love between the two then they dive for the ring in the pool. We end the story with them and their little boy. It was alright but I wasn't big about the whole thing with her falling off the face of the world and the hero being too "generous".

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hmmm... 2  2

The story was ok for me but it kinda made me feel disgusted about the hero. I mean, excuse my french but he's a manwhore 100%! What he did in Milan is sooo disgusting. And when he said that he was just addicted to sex?! I mean dude you're nasty! A creep! He might be rich and handsome but damn..! he's a whore for a man! I wish she would've given him a hard time just a tittle but no she went running back and comforted him. The ending was cute but rushed.

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❤️❤️ 5  5

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