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Maggie Russell is considered the most brilliant young businesswoman in London. She’s wealthy, lives in a posh flat, rubs elbows with the other elites of the business world and is completely content with the life she leads. When her grandfather dies, Maggie desperately searches for a way to make her grieving grandmother happy again. As luck would have it, the country house her grandparents lived in during their newlywed days is going up for auction and Maggie’s determined to purchase it for her grandmother. Unfortunately, this city girl is no match for the countryside and its wild ways. Luckily for her, the mysterious farmer Finn Gordon is in a mood to save this damsel in distress. But when an unyielding rainstorm keeps her cooped up in the home of her rescuer, Maggie comes face-to-face with a desire as fierce and wild as the downpour outside.

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editor's comment - December 12th, 2014

Heroine is living in a city with successful business, and one day she went to countryside because of a house auction. However she encountered a flood when she tried to drive to across the river. And there she met hero, a man living in countryside. At first they couldn't get well with each other but during the time they were trapped by the rain, they fell in love with each other. However heroine could not accept to live in countryside. Will they finally be together?

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rain, rain, stay and play 4  4

The two were getting on each other's nerves the minute they meet but by nighttime, they can't passion from coming. They have a great time for the next four days with working on the farm, talking, eating, and sleeping together. Then the sun comes out and time to leave is at hand. They leave on bad terms because the hero thinks the heroine has a lover because he heard say to the person, "I'll give you lots of kisses...." (It's a dog). Then they meet at an auction for a land for one of the houses that the heroine wants for her grandma but the hero gets it all. He has no idea till she tells it to his face that the house was her present to her grandma and she leaves without listening to another word he has to say. She learns from a colleague that the hero was a big trader but stopped when one of his colleagues overdosed but made such a killing in stocks that even his grandchildren could live the easy life. Next, she gets a letter from the hero who says that he'll rent the house to her grandma on the condition that she never uses it with her lover. The heroine is so ticked by his rude statement that she drives all the way to his place to give him a piece of her mind. I was laughing my head off when she finally showed him several pictures of her three year old "lover" doggy. The whole thing makes the hero stagger in shock and apologizes. He also opens up about his past but when the heroine tries to leave, another downpour happens. So, the hero and heroine rekindle their romance again. The heroine thinks they can make it work but the hero is still stuck on the whole big difference between city girl and country boy. He tells her that it won't work and she leaves sadly. Two weeks later, he appears on her doorstep with two things: an offer to sell the heroine the house for her grandmother and a proposal to rent an apartment in the city to see her but she rejects it with a new proposal that she go out to the country to live with him because she loves him like he loves her. It's a romantic ending and I quite liked it.

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