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"You con artist. Someday I'll have my revenge!" Taz is dumped without explanation by her lover, Judeo, who suddenly turns on her. He believes that she and her father schemed to trick his family out of a fortune. He continues to despise her until they meet again, six years later—and Judeo is now Taz's stepmother's fiancé. Is he using her to seek revenge? Taz tries to stand up to him to protect her stepmother and her late father, but she finds that his appeal has only increased in the passing years and that she is unable to resist his cruel but beautiful eyes...

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editor's comment - December 19th, 2014

What a coincidence! We have three stories about revenge this week. In this story, hero and heroine was a couple in the past, however they broke up because of heroine's father took of his family's fortune. And the revenge he took is to marry heroine's stepmother, in order to take over heroine's hospital which she inherited from her father with her stepmother. However after a car accident, hero realized the truth and heroine is innocent. But the hospital is nearly bankrupt.

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The shock the heroine felt when she learned of her stepmother's engagement to the man she used to date was something. It shouldn't be something wrong because her father is dead, the step-mother is young, and in the end, it's true love that matters, right? Wrong! The heroine knows something is up because the hero accused the heroine and her father of conning his father out of a large sum of money. This accusation ruined their relationship and after six years, he's back and dating the heroine's stepmother. The heroine had good sense to suspect that the hero has some sort of hidden motive in courting the stepmother. So, the heroine goes to visit and see what she discover. Of course, the hero is trying to seize control of the hospital that his father invested money in from the heroine's father's encouragement. So, he's going to marry the step-mother to get the hospital in the marriage. Yet, the heroine comes in as a monkey wrench into his plans. They come upon an agreement not to tell the step-mother of their past relationship but when they get to the house, the woman is gone. Now, here is another monkey-wrench in the hero's plans: the heroine and step-mother are co-owners of the hospital. They leave things at night but some new developments o\pop up on the step-mother's end. She has been staying at a male friend's house, and I'm a bit suspicious because unless she literally has no where else to go, what woman would spend at a single man's house the entire, even without the physical intimacy when she has a fiancee waiting for her? I felt a bit suspicious. Then I couldn't be believed what happened next: the heroine and hero get into an argument that leads to coitus! Has the hero forgotten that he needs to be faithful to the stepmother in order to get half of the ownership to the hospital?! The heroine forgot that this is her step-mother's fiancee?! What happened to this two?! The heroine panics after since she realizes what she was just done but the hero says the step-mother won't care and it turns out to be true. So, here I'm wondering with all the stuff that the heroine says about the step-mother being a fragile, sensitive, and timid sort of woman, why would she be okay and say that she's still marrying the man who cheated on her with not a stranger but a family member?!! Now, I really am suspicious. The heroine starts working at her father's hospital not as a director but also as a nurse. During this time, she catches the hero, step-mother, and male friend and learns some interesting things. One, the heroine knows that the male friend is lying about something. Yet, the other two come back in an ambulance because the step-mother pulled the hero's arm in an argument while he was driving and caused them to crash. The step-mother is fine but the hero is bruised and battered. However, this gives him a chance to see the heroine in her natural environment and sees what kind of nurse she is and starts doubting his conviction of her. Then the heroine catches the male friend trying to get rid of some documents and learns the truth: her father was a con artist with the male friend in cahoots and did scam the hero's father. Now, the hospital is in debt and there are no sponsors willing to take them on. The heroine debates on how to tell the hero the news but finds it harder as they spend more time together and go back to the time before the accusations began. The heroine finally tells the hero everything after seeing the hero's father and to say that he didn't take so well would be and understatement. The two separate and on the day, the heroine is to give the bad news, the hero comes in all knight and shining armor, stating that he has purchased 55% of the hospital shares and has practically saved the hospital. The ending was fine but I was so interested in the giraffe hanging on the end.

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