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Cassandra, the youngest daughter of a prestigious family, ignores the disapproval of her parents and becomes a member of a team of surgeons providing medical care in Africa. Even though the project will take her into combat zones, she’s sure it’s worth the risk. But when she learns that an old acquaintance is also on the team, Cassandra suddenly wants to leave the mission behind. She can’t let herself be fooled for a second time by Vidal Arroyo Martinez and his alluring silver eyes

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editor's comment - January 16th, 2015

Heroine met Hero when she was 16 and asked hero to have sex with her, however hero rejected. After 11 years, heroine becomes a doctor who helps patients in Africa. And on the medical jet she meets hero again. After the mission in Africa and a hijack on the plane, hero and heroine admit their love to each other. However heroine finds that hero does this for her father but not really loves her. How will heroine get hero back?

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Good parts and not so good parts 3  3

This manga has a lot going for it, but it also has a lot to dislike as well, which is unfortunate. First of all... I think it is entirely possible to make a heroine who is strong but not loud-mouthed, bratty, and slutty. I like her strong part but her attitude and decisions leaves much to be desired. Blaming it on her youth would be too generous. There are plenty of teens and young adults who don't act like complete idiots. Her redeemable trait is: She won't take any crap from anyone even people who are armed and dangerous. That is what makes her character not quite as bad. The lead male was okay, at least he had his head screwed on straight in the beginning and didn't sleep with the female lead when she threw herself at him when she was 16. However, he must enjoy pain to consider a serious relationship with someone like her. Anyways, the art was good, the hijacking part was interesting. I like Harlequins that add some plot to the story other than just a plain romance with nothing else really going on. Overall, I liked it fairly well and I think others will find it a interesting read as well.

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