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Quinn Sullivan, a cold businessman who wants to exact revenge on the Murray Oil Company CEO, takes over the company and orders the youngest daughter to marry him. Her older sister, Kira, is the only person who can protect her and goes face-to-face against the man with the long-standing grudge against her father. Kira confronts Quinn, begging that he let her sister go, but then finds herself thoroughly stunned when he changes his plan. “For your sister’s freedom, would you be willing to take her place?”

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The heroine is considered the black sheep in the family for not following the family footsteps of acting like a lady and marrying wealthy but becomes the family's only hope. First, she went to the hero who's currently her younger sister's fiancee to call off the engagement because her sister isn't happy with the whole thing but can't go against their father. She learns from the hero that he's not interested in the sister but the whole thing is a business deal between him and the father in order to save the family business. So, the heroine sacrifices herself as bridal candidate to the hero to save her sister after learning how bad things are for the family. It's not till she learns later that the hero only wanted her and not the sister and I couldn't understand the man. The hero has a mind that knows what he wants and methods to get to it but if he wanted the heroine as in heart, mind, and body then what was wrong with complying to her wishes of calling off the engagement with the condition that she goes out with him for a dinner, lunch, brunch, breakfast or even coffee date? I mean, having the whole marriage deal sounds like a prison sentence. Shoot, Will Smith's movie, "Hitch" tell men about be what they are and give the woman something they can't get from any other men & give them space. Yet, the heroine gives into a night of hotness after the guarded stance she put on and the hero opens up about his past of his broken family and all. The heroine thinks the marriage could work but she overhears the hero making it sound like their new agreement is more business than marriage and she makes a break for it. The hero doesn't find her for three weeks till he sets a trap using the younger sister as bait. The hero does confess his feelings to the heroine but she doesn't believe nor goes through the engagement till she learns of her mother's sickness then gets pressure from both parents to go through with the wedding. From then on, their whole marriage is a Clue on whether they can trust and love the other or not. They seem to make progress then the heroine suspects after nearly vomiting that she might be pregnant and puts the hero at a distance. The man is hurt over the heroine's cold attitude to him and leaves her alone. After she gets confirmation and tells her mom, she plans to tell the hero. Yet, before she can do that, she faints and the doctor examining her spoils the surprise to the hero. Now, the hero thinks the heroine wasn't going to tell him and they have another fight. Then another in the morning where the hero states he isn't able to love anyone and plans for the heroine to live separately from the heroine start happening. Yet, when the hero calls his wife and hears a man's voice, he receives the man that she was in an accident. He rushes to the hospital and learns both the heroine and baby are okay. When the heroine finally awakes up, the two are able to have a talk about their feelings and learn the other truly loves each other. The heroines' parents and sister are there and we end on seeing the cute baby boy with the whole family. It was alright, it just didn't tickle my fancy.

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