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Claire runs out into the road and gets hit by a car! As her consciousness fades, she sees the figure of a handsome man looming over her. When she comes to, she’s lying in a luxurious room, accompanied by the very same man: Andreas Markopoulou, a president of several banks in Greece. Claire has lost both her parents and is struggling against poverty as she raises her half sister on her own. When Andreas hears her situation, he offers to take care of them. He only has one condition for his overly friendly proposal: that she carry out a fake marriage with him!

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Good-ish Read 3  3

I enjoyed this one but I had some issues with it. Especially the ending drama... I mean... she was being unreasonable. Also, there are a few sort of plot hiccups that came up in the beginning and then the end... "Marry Me for convenience and let me formally adopt you're moms kid." then 2 seconds later the same man is saying he will never marry again... regardless of if it's for convenience or not... you do realize you contradicted yourself right? and less than 2 pages after asking her to marry him no less. Furthermore I thought that he said that if they got married then he would need to be able to adopt the child legally. So what she's doing at the end taking the child? I mean I guess she decided to renege on her part of it? Well the worst part was when she already decided to ignore everything he had to say and leave to be in poverty and the only thing she can think about is to take the child from it's adopted father to go live in poverty with her. She says she can handle it but she doesn't think about the child or it's well being... but when she got into this contractual marriage she said it was for the child to begin with... As she's walking up to the airline gate, which she's somehow able to afford a airline ticket for, but not her rent evidently. She thinks about how she doesn't want to leave him cause she loves him... well here's a great idea then why not pay attention to how sincere he seemed right before you left his house and maybe... I don't know... listen to his words? Crazy concept I know. Still because she's pregnant I'm willing to chalk it up to severe hormone imbalance. If your wondering what I liked best about the whole manga... it's the notes at the end of the story by the artist... it was super cute and funny. I feel it's important to conclude my review by telling you that it is a fairly good story all in all in spite of my criticisms. I tend to pick at things unless they are absolutely perfect in my eyes which is near impossible. So I'd say this harlequin was worth the read and a good one for others to try out.

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interesting 3  3

A lot of the minor characters in the book weren't what you would expect. For example, the heroine's aunt and the hero's sister-in-law. Those two were some unexpected people. The hero did come off as a big old macho man and the heroine was in a desperate situation because she only 21 raising her 8 month old sister. I like how the heroine handles the offer that the hero gives her. She doesn't take it at first because she feels that there is some ulterior motive but after talking, she asked him if he would love her sister to which, he replied yes. There are a few bumps on the way and the confession and proposal at the airport but it was an interesting book to read.

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