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Charlotte Ramsey has a nice life laid out for her. She's getting married in a few weeks, but a certain excitement is missing from her life. Her goal is to have a comfortable life with children and a nice husband, but comfort alone can’t spark the flames of romance deep in her heart. Damien Wynter, after a chance encounter on a boat, may be the raging inferno of passion that'll ignite those flames…but should she play with fire? She may just get burned.

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a prenup 5  5

You will see common sense poking out in this review. So, in the beginning, the heroine goes to see her father in order to convince him to bless her marriage between her and the OM. This is where she meets the hero because he's the friend and business partner of her brother. This relationship between the two causes the heroine to give a negative impression on the hero because if he's dangerous but unfortunately, the hero sees the heroine as strong woman and she's his type. A positive is that we get to see the hero's thoughts in this story. Now, the heroine's father is dragging his feet against the marriage and will only consent if the couple will get a prenup. In understand that nobody wants to bring up the word "prenup" to their spouse before their wedding. However, it seems to be the heroine's father's final word and when you marry someone, you marry their family. You would think that this relationship has been going on for two years but it's actually gone for only six months, which leads to a few questions like if they're really getting married for love or to tick off the heroine's father. Moving on, it's New Year's Eve and everybody, including the fiancee are on the big fancy boat in Sydney. The hero is putting the silent moves on the heroine who feels uncomfortable and becomes even more so when the fiancee seems to obliviously go along with everything. At first, I thought that we was just being friendly with the hero. However, no man wants to share his wife-to-be on the New Year's day in dancing. He would want the woman all to himself but it looks like he likes sharing. The hero is falling hard for the heroine with her strategy in beating him and all the other high men in poker. Then we learn that the heroine is more than a pretty face, she's also a Top Stock Trader but quit, so she could get married. First, I don't understand why a woman would stop working to get married when she can obviously go find work at a slower-pace environment. Second, we learn that she doesn't have a job, so where's the problem in getting a prenup because she doesn't have the job and isn't bringing home the bacon unless there really is a problem. Not only that, but the heroine claims to be in love with the other man but doesn't feel anything when she kisses him, not passion, not love, and not even happiness. So, why marry him if there's no negative internal and external forces in arrangement but has no positive feelings for him. Next, the heroine's father has a heart attack, which pushes her to ask the OM to sign a prenup as a way to make her father relieve the stress and recover. To say that it went well when she asked him to sign a prenup would be a lie but reluctantly agrees. Personally, I don't blame him for being angry but it only lasts a moment when he write the word "under duress" on the prenup. Are you kidding me?! You know that your fiancee (heroine) was only doing it to ease her father who collapsed and why should you be having a problem if you divorce because you're the only person who's making money among the two of you and if you do divorce, at least she won't take YOUR Money! Broken over the fact that the love was a illusion between the two, the heroine breaks the engagement. That was a stupid move, OM because it's legal to dissolve a prenup before or after the marriage. So, you could have just waited after the wedding to have it dissolved then all family money would be yours! So, the heroine runs off and into the hero who learns of the dissolved engagement and proposes marriage to the heroine. I did like that the both of them are in their thirties because the twenties get tiring quick. So, the heroine agrees to marry him and they even have a prenup signed. I was not impressed with the wedding night because the heroine made a comment on the fireworks, which was the same when the hero was with the OM. This pushes the hero to be an idiot and though they do, do the deed, it ends horribly. They start growing closer and closer to one another till the heroine gets pregnant and then it's wrong word choice in their exchange. As they start to reconnect, the heroine suffers a miscarriage and they have a sad moment but they have an amazing reconciliation with opening up their true feelings and thoughts. I was enjoyed it and the ending with the little black haired boy. it was a good book to read.

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