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Passion Romance THE SULTAN'S BED

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Mariah doesn't trust men. It doesn't help that her job has conditioned her to believe that all rich and handsome men are complete jerks, either. When Zayad, a man with the imposing presence of a proud foreign king, practically overflowing with confidence, moves in next door, Mariah can't help but feel hostility toward her new neighbor. However, when she takes a spill in the shower and is left unable to move, the one to hear her cries and come running to the rescue is none other than Zayad himself! He's the last person she wants to see her in this unsightly state! Ignoring her pleas not to enter the bathroom, Zayad mercilessly opens the door...

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Excellent Sheikh romance 5  5

I really enjoyed this one. I liked both the female lead and the male lead. The shaved look was better for the male lead in my opinion of course the other way made him look more like a Sheikh. The art was extremely good, I enjoyed the story thoroughly and all the characters were all interesting. I laughed out loud at a couple things. The face the lead female made in the bathroom after she fell and couldn't get up as well as some of the dialogue was really funny and it's hard to find harlequin with good humor in them so it was a breath of fresh air.

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Realistic adult romance 5  5

I'm so happy to see two strong characters meet, not just one pushing the other around. You can feel the love and sincerity between two characters, not just unnecessary lust. Sometimes when I read harlequin comics I feel that the main couple wont last 5 years of the marriage (because they're so emotional and lustful and abrupt) but for the sheikh and mariah I can actually feel the commitment.

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This is what a true sheik story should be 5  5

Not about who dominates who but cherishing each other with love and respect. Most the time I get tired of my way or the highway story that is not being respectful toward the person you love. This time that did not happen and I enjoyed that. Please read

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Loved it! 5  5

I'm a very big fan of the Sheikh/royalty meets everyday love interest. In this story, it has a slightly different flow. The fact that it's not the predator on the hunt vibe like many I've read. Not only that but this is possibly the only time I ever liked the character with facial hair. I usually like the clean shave but with this artist's style... I'm digging it. (:3) that's a smiley face if you don't know. Anyway, the 2nd book of the series is out and I can't wait to read it!

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