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Passion Romance WINTER ROSES

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Ivy, who has always been mistreated by her beautiful older sister, Rachel, finds herself in a difficult financial situation:her sister is the only one to have received an inheritance from their father! She is supported by her best friend, Merrie, and while she loves her very much, she has a hard time getting along with Merrie’s brother Stuart. Stuart believes her to be just as shallow as her sister, Rachel, and always treats her coldly when he talks with her. Ivy tries her best to avoid him, but one night, as she’s staying over at Merrie’s place, she runs into him in the bathroom. Mistaking this encounter as an attempt to seduce him, he kisses her passionately…!

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editor's comment - February 20th, 2015

Heroine and hero is the couple which you can see everywhere now, as their ages range are very different. Heroine is the best friend of hero's younger sister, and she is 12-year-old younger. However hero likes heroine when she is still in her teens. Heroine loves hero as well but what hero shows makes her leave away from hero. With the death of heroine's older sister, hero and heroine finally admit their love to each other.

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What a nice read 5  5

Its a story of nice young girl who falls in love with her bestfriend's handsome but aloof older brother. Her sister is a conniving wench who pretty much tried to ruin her life by spinning lies and rumours about her to a point their own father disowned her. Anyways, she remains positive and humble. Misunderstanding arise, fast forward two years later... they meet up, tragedy ensues, he tried to be there for her, misunderstanding about intentions... but the best scene was when they were at the hotel and he told her she can sleep and be at ease and he will just be there for her. No sexual attempts which was very nice. All in all its a nice beautiful story of forgiveness, second chances and pure love.

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Don't believe the lies 4  4

We have the typical plot of the hero believing the lies about the heroine being a loose woman, lies conjured up by the heroine's horrible and crummy sister. I am going to say it simply: what goes around, comes around. Not only the hero believes the lies but the heroine's father as well because those lies push him to physical & verbally abuse his daughter then write her out of his will and have the sister to be the sole benefactor. The sister throws the heroine out of house not even when he's cold in the ground. The hero does try to see if the will can be altered but he's unable to find a loophole. He also sees that the heroine's behavior is nothing like her sister said but it doesn't stop him from being rude to her. They meet again after two years with tension so thick in the air that you could cut it with a knife. Not only that but to keep you updated, the sister sold the house, moved to New York, is doing drugs, and is sleeping with a married man. Here she says, "I'm on top of the world" and I say,"With your choices, you're at the bottom of the barrel." The hero still can't say anything nice was his dialogue to the heroine's response of going with another OM (a friend) was, because he's a rich bachelor? Really, I want you to know this response after the hero knows about the heroine being abused by the father like he was, the sister was lying to him, so any belief of her being a floozy is wrong, she was cheated by her sister out of her to the money and yet he still says that. Then he pushes her to dance with him and drive her home. It's in the car where the hero reveals about the sister's affair is about to become a media scandal and because she has been supplying the man with drugs, she will go to jail. I would be ecstatic about the woman going to jail if her actions weren't going to affect the heroine since the small town will join her with her sister. I find that to be ridiculous but the news drives the heroine to panic and it the hero to kiss her and calm her down. The next morning, the heroine gets a call from a police officer to identify her sister's body and gather her belongings. She travels to New York and meets the hero who has come there to be her support in the whole mess. I was glad that he was there for her. Now, we see the sister's apartment describes her personality; rotten, empty,uninhabitable, and disgusting. As I said earlier, what goes around, comes around and the sister claimed she was a famous Broadway actress but she will only be remembered as the cheap druggie. I liked how hero comforted and took care of the heroine. I also liked how the hero tells the heroine the sister was jealous of the heroine for being a good person and that she felt inferior to the heroine. Then the heroine is sent to a safe house because she found evidence that would put away a lot of drug dealers. I did hate that the heroine thinks that if the sister didn't do drugs then she would have been a different person. Piece of advice: your sister's behavior and personality that would rival Wuhou, was already twisted before she did drugs. There was nothing you could have done. The hero comes and we have a sweet open heart talk between the two of them.

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