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Veronica Grant has a problem: she needs a date for a wedding or she'll be henpecked by all her relatives. Fergus Kavanagh has a similar dilemma. His sisters are dead-set on setting him up with any number of women he has no interest in. A chance encounter on a train gives them the opportunity to fix both their problems in one swoop, but Veronica begins to think that Fergus might be a suitable groom beyond the facade.

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conspiracy of avoidance 5  5

The hero and heroine are in a bind for their type: singles. They have been bombarded with family sending suitors and single ladies in hopes that they tie the knot. The heroine sees the hero getting on the train and decides to take a chance by proposing a deal of him being her shield at the latest family wedding. At first, he's hesitant but decides to go along if the heroine goes to his sister's wedding to keep his sisters off his tail. The first wedding was the heroine's wedding and they handled well till the great aunt with bad hearing said out loud, "did they say wedding date?" That spurs a lot of things out of control. Now, everyone the hero and heroine are "engaged"and the hero's sister's is there to hear the news. Then the next morning, the financial papers are announcing their engagement. The hero and heroine decided to go along with the farce only till after the hero's sister's wedding. The heroine is having trouble with the whole thing because the heroine was engaged before to a noble but the mother in law broke the engagement because she can't have children. So, she's afraid that the hero won't accept her for that. He learns about her inability to have children when one of her friend's wives gives birth and it leaves her shaken. It's a really emotional because the hero says that he loves her for her and he'd rather be with her than be with a potential child. The heroine is happy over this but she still has doubts and they boil to where even she tells the hero after he bought her a castle that she can't marry him because loves him. The hero still doesn't give up and proves his love. It's quite romantic the whole thing and in the end; they have a miracle child. I really enjoyed reading this book.

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