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In need of money, Gwynneth goes to the Kingdom of Zuran to sell the condominium her father left her before he passed away. But due to the constant real-estate frauds that occur in Zuran, she has trouble getting the papers to prove the condo is hers before selling it. To make matters worse, someone else has the key to her condo, and when he slips in one night, Gwynneth makes no effort to resist the mysterious stranger. Luckily, he restrains himself, but he isn’t just any random man: it’s Sheikh Tarik himself. They both seem to think the condo is theirs and are stuck with each other until the matter is resolved. But Tarik and Gwynneth can’t help but be enticed by one another. Will they both be able to resist acting on their feelings?

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fine a little quick on the accusations. 3  3

The heroine has come to the country of Zuran to inspect and sell a property that her debauched father gave to her. She needs to sell in order to send her father's girlfriend and her little brother home via the girlfriend's request. What she has no idea is that her father was duped in a real estate fraud. On the other side of town, we have the hero who's infiltrating an organization from fraud to prostitutes. The big boss has even offered him a selection but the hero has held himself back. However, he has taken the place that the man bribed him with in order to follow the paper trail to prove the illegal. The very place happens to be the heroine and here is where it gets interesting. The hero comes in late that night and sees the naked heroine. The heroine wakes up and he pulls her in for a kiss because he thinks she's another one of the bad guy's bribes. I fast forward through the coitus to the accusations. The hero left his "tip" and it greatly insults the heroine. The hero comes back to the heroine and we have the accusations fight. Personally, I think the two were both idiots; to the heroine, "How dumb could you be not to realize in the situation of kissing that there's an intruder in your place????!!!!!" Do you not realize the severity of lacking SECURITY???!!! Why didn't you scream NO!!!" To the hero, "What were you THINKING???? You are trying to bringing down an organization, not hump with their 'merchandise'?" Luckily, a visit to the boss's clarifies that the heroine wasn't sent by the man. He goes back to her place and things are finally clarified on her side. The hero only reveals his ownership of the place. Sadly, their discussion goes sour with the hero disbelieving the heroine's claim she is a virgin since he didn't go all the way. This builds up another wall, so the hero tries to get the heroine to leave by buying it from her, but she's a financial analyst who can smell something fishy with the hero's business proposal. Then the heroine gets locked out and becomes severely dehydrated. The hero does find her and nurses her back to health. We also learn the hero's harshness to the heroine is a slight prejudiced stemming from his foreign father leaving his mother and him behind to back to his homeland. However, his boss tells him the truth that his mother broke the promise they made of where they live in her country for a couple of years then move to his country. So, he thought the hero would be better off in Zuran. This throws the hero in for a loop and he doesn't say the best things to the heroine. He leaves the heroine in order to process everything to his parents' past and his current position. During which, the heroine discovers his identity and thinks she intruded on his love nest. That would make everything carry no emotions. She decides to give sell it to him quickly and leave before she gets hurt anymore. They finally meet and have the talk out where they reveal everything from the heroine's little half brother to the hero's infiltration into the illegal organization. Now, the heroine is in danger and has to be taken to a safe location. Things are exactly cleared up till they go all the way but I wasn't really big about it going that way. It's because after the coitus, we immediately skip to their wedding day. It's all good and well but it wasn't something I would put on my "Must read List.".

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