Romantic Suspence BRIDE OF THE SHEIKH

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Alinor is getting ready to marry the diplomat Gabriel in an attempt to run from her past. But just when the priest asks if anyone objects to the union, a man’s powerful voice shatters the silence. “This marriage isn’t valid!” The voice is unforgettable. It’s the voice of the Prince of Parvan, Alinor’s ex-husband, Kavian. Why is he here…? Didn’t he divorce her? Nevertheless, Kavian carries her away from the church by force!

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Twisted. 1  1

This was one of the hardest books for me to read. There was too many problems between the hero and heroine. So, the heroine marries the man that she's in love with from another country with different customs and social norms. She marries him because his country is going to war and well, apparently they're in love. However, there is the problem of different cultural communication. The book wanted us to make us think that the Sheikh was being a tyrant, however, he was a victim and not a solver of the problem like the heroine. None of the two thought to talk it out with each other. None of them thought that they should try to figure out how to help one another. The heroine didn't know anything about the country that she had practically threw herself into and the hero wasn't much help. The heroine would try to talk and be kind to the hero but the hero ignored her because he didn't want to show her that he was weak. Instead, that made her feel that she was unwanted. Then there is the big betrayer. This person played a huge role in practically destroying the marriage and it broke my heart. What's worse is that the hero blamed herself for her own weakness. The hero is as much to blame because of his own weakness: pride. One of the nicest things about the heroine is that she wants the person who destroyed her marriage wit the lies and deceit to get well soon. I didn't like what the hero said towards the end cause to me, it totally ruined the love rebuild. He says something else that makes it a little better but I still wouldn't have said that to the person that I'm in love with. This book was one of my least favorites.

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